5 active holiday ideas in the UK

photo by Thierry Gregorius on Flickr

Some people like their holidays relaxing, lazy and without any sort if physical effort involved, but others might have very different ideas about what makes a holiday fun. If you can never stay in one place for one and you’ve been accused of hyperactivity on more than one occasion, then lazing on the beach for ten days will sound like a boring chore for you, most likely. To avoid holiday boredom (because you’re not allowed to get bored when traveling), activity holidays are a much better idea for those travelers who are more about doing then about looking. Luckily, the UK is perfect both both – pretty landscapes and interesting sights, with a large helping of opportunities to do fun things. Here are 5 active holiday ideas in the UK, for those who can never stand still.

Surfing holidays

Many people (especially those who don’t surf much) associate surfing with tropical paradises and places where it is quite warm all year round, with beaches fringed with palm trees and covered in white sand. You might not find many palm trees in the UK’s surf spots, but what you will find are excellent breaks and plenty of opportunities to put your skills to the test. Watergate Bay in Cornwall, Pease Bay in Scotland or Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire are just a few of the best surf spots in the UK, but not the only ones.

Walking holidays

Lake District, photo by Dylan J C on Flickr

Although the national sport of the UK is cricket, officially, but you’ll find that more people get up to a much more peaceful activity: walking. People have been walking the UK countryside for ages, and you’ll find that even in British novels from centuries ago walking seems to have been the favorite pastime of many characters. The Cotswolds, the Lake District, the Highlands or the coasts of Devon and Cornwall offer some of the most picturesque walking trails in Europe.


While you won’t find any colorful coral reefs to explore on the UK coast, nor any tropical fish, diving is actually quite an interesting experience in the UK. There are dozens of great diving spots in the UK, on the Channel Islands, in the Isle of Man, Farne Isles, Shetland or the Menai Straits. Some of the most exciting things you can see during a dive are ship wrecks – you can find a comprehensive list of wreck where you can dive on the website of UK Diving.

Biking holidays

photo by Marilyn Peddle

If a peaceful walk in the countryside is not exciting enough for you, then how about going into the wildest, most unspoiled parts of the UK with only your bike and a backpack. Biking trails ranging from easy to very challenging abound in the UK, and you can find plenty of trails for daytrips and longer holidays alike.

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