5 destinations for Christmas in the UK

Edinburgh, photo by Nick Barker

British winters are not exactly famed for being white and idyllic, but neither are they the wet and gloomy affairs that they are made out to be. And  even if December ends up being on the wet side, the holiday season in the UK is fun and exciting enough to take your mind off the weather. e Christmas is a big deal in the UK: villages, towns and cities are decorated with colorful lights, the Christmas rush begins, and carols are heard everywhere. Whether you want to cozy up with your family and friends for Christmas, or if you want to do something special, there are a lot of options available to you in the UK. Here are 5 destinations for Christmas in the UK, for those who want an unforgettable holiday.

York, Yorkshire

The stunning natural advantages of the York countryside, coupled with the historical and cultural attractions of its cities make this county one of the most pleasant places to be for Christmas. The city of York looks spectacular in its Christmas guise, and St Helen Square’s Christmas tree gets more and more beautiful each year. Gorge yourself on Yorkshire pudding and mulled wine, and walk off the extra calories on the Yorkshire Dales.

Alton Towers, Staffordshire

If you want a holiday destination that will make both kids and adults happy, then consider spending a few days around Christmas at Alton Towers, the most beloved theme park in the UK. The park has some magnificent winter attractions, a festive atmosphere, and all sorts of interesting events. If you don’t want to make the trip from a enarby city to the park, you can stay at the Alton Towers Resort.

Bournemouth, Dorset

Although Bournemouth is primarily a summer resort, the town is transformed into something magical come winter, especially if there’s a spot of snow around. Bournemouth’s Christmas market is one of the best in the UK, and the surrounding quaint villages are infused with the atmosphere of the British countryside Christmases of the past. When the sky is clear, you can walk on the hills or the beaches, and enjoy the winter gloom of the ocean.

Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Lincoln is a beautiful town where practically every brick and stone is infused with history. The beautifully preserved architecture, the narrow streets of the historical center and the magnificent cathedral will take you back to the times of old kings and queens, while the famous Christmas market is buzzing with youthful energy.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish capital is one of the most impressive cities in the Isles, and definitely one of the best 5 destinations for Christmas in the UK. The whole city erupts with Christmas festiveness. The fairy lights make the Royal Mile and other historical streets look nothing less than enchanting, there are ice rinks and Christmas markets, and the nightlife is better than ever.

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