5 places to visit in the UK before you die

The Big Ben ymmat/Flickr

The Big Ben ©ymmat/Flickr

The UK is one of the top tourist destinations for tourists from all around the world. It is a quite small, but astonishing country. Within the borders of the country there are hundreds of excellent visitor attractions and destinations. If you want to visit a rich country in cultural and natural sights, the United Kingdom is the perfect destination for you. With world famous places and landmarks, it is a must-visit country and a dream destination for many people. Below I will present you only 5 places to visit in the UK before you die, but there are further more such destinations here. These places are the following: London, Edinburgh, Stonehenge, the Giant’s Causeway and the Eden Project.


One of the world’s most beautiful and most visited capital cities, London is a hot spot for visitors. It is a wonderful city, offering innumerable things to see and to do.

London attracts millions of tourists with its excellent landmarks, including the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, the Westminster Palace and Abbey, the Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, the Tate Modern, the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and so on. As you can see, there are so many visitor attractions in this city that tourists need a couple of days to visit all of them.

The Big Ben ymmat/Flickr

The Big Ben ©ymmat/Flickr


Another astonishing city and a top tourist destination in the UK is the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. It is an important historic city which attracts numerous visitors every year. With its Old Town and New Town, the city is very attractive. Some of the best sights of the city are: Edinburgh Castle, the University of Edinburgh, St. Giles’ Cathedral, Holyrood Palace and so on. The city is a must-visit destination of the UK.


One of the most famous prehistoric sights of the entire world, Stonehenge is a top tourist attraction of the country. Considered to be built around 3100 BC, the stone circle is a mysterious site. The purpose of its construction isn’t known exactly. One thing is sure…when you visit the site, you feel like you step back in past and you feel that the place is veiled in mystery.

Stonehenge nyaa_birdies_perch/Flickr

Stonehenge ©nyaa_birdies_perch/Flickr

The Giant’s Causeway

A unique natural attraction of the UK is situated in Northern Ireland, on its northeastern coast. It is the Giant’s Causeway. This fantastic World Heritage Site is considered a natural wonder of the country. The site includes around 40.000 of interlocking basalt columns. It is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. The place is an absolutely must-see site.

Giant's Causeway Anosmia/Flickr

Giant’s Causeway ©Anosmia/Flickr

The Eden Project

Another unique site in the UK is the Eden Project. Located in Cornwall, it is an extremely popular tourist attraction. It consists of artificial biomes which house wonderful plants from all around the world. Opened in 2001, it has become very popular over the years.

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