5 reasons to visit Brighton

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Whatever it is that seaside resorts need to do in order to stay in the center of attention for centuries, Brighton manages to pull it off exquisitely. Brighton has been the seaside resort of choice for people of means since at least the 19th centuries, and ever since a doctor began to laud the curative properties of the Brighton seawater, the resort turned from a small and unimportant fishing village into a booming holiday destination. But today Brighton is much more than a simple beach destination where people from larger cities some to spend their summer holidays. Brighton, sometimes called London-by-the-Sea has so many interesting attractions and activities that it’s difficult to keep count. Here are 5 reasons to visit Brighton, though these are far from the only ones!

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is a former royal residence built in the 19th century from a Prince of Wales, but that’s not what makes it interesting. The Pavilion is one of the most stunning examples of Indo-Saracenic architecture in the entire UK. The building looks like a fantasy palace from a cross between the Arabian nights and Chinese fairytales, with some of the most exquisite Chinoiserie decorations you have ever seen. The Pavilion is extravagant in every respect and although the entry fee is rather steep (10 pounds), you won’t be sorry for it.

The music

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Take a peek into Brighton’s music scene and it will seem like half the population is in a band. Which is a great thing for music addicts visiting Brighton, because there is a wonderful array of local bands that bring a breath of fresh air into British music. You might not have heard of all these bands, but allow yourself to attend some live events and you might just find your new favorite musicians.


Brighton is a shopper’s paradise on a whole different level than London. To put it simply, Brighton is an indie shopping paradise. If your tastes in fashion are more daring, if you are tired of seeing the same things in all the big shops, or if you want to buy some souvenirs and collectibles that are not so easy to find, the quaint and quirky little shops in Laines can have you browsing through them for days.

Museums and other attractions

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Brighton is the kind of place where you can be as silly as you want, but travelers looking for more serious attractions will also find something to suit their tastes. Brighton has several very interesting museums and landmarks that will make your sightseeing trip long and memorable. Visit the Toy and Model Museum, the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Fabrica and the Lighthouse.

The Food

Brighton is a foodie’s paradise, and very vegetarian-friendly. The regular takeaways seem to taste better in the fresh ocean air, but the highlight of Brighton cuisine are the seafood stalls offering fresh mussels, fish soup, crab sandwiches and the like for a few pounds. Budget restaurants with decent food abound, and there is a great selection of exclusive dining options as well: Englishs (the best seafood restaurant in the city), Gingerman, or Havana are some of the reasons to visit Brighton.

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