5 Royal attractions

Buckingham Palace shining.darkness/Flickr

Buckingham Palace ©shining.darkness/Flickr

The amazing country of the United Kingdom is famous for being one of the few constitutional monarchies of the world. The British monarch is Queen Elizabeth II. She and the Royal family are beloved by many people from all around the world. The majority of tourists who visit the country are curious in the major attractions relating somehow to the Royal family. If you are planning a visit to the United Kingdom and you are also interested in the most important Royal attractions of the country, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will present you 5 Royal attractions which are world famous and absolutely worth visiting sights.

Buckingham Palace

As one of the best-known landmarks of the United Kingdom, the majestic Buckingham Palace is the most important Royal sight. It is the official residence and office of the Queen. The home of the Queen is open to visitors every August and September.

Visitors have the occasion to tour the State Rooms and gardens and also to see some majestic Royal treasures. Besides, from May to June, visitors can watch the daily Changing the Guard ceremony.

Buckingham Palace shining.darkness/Flickr

Buckingham Palace ©shining.darkness/Flickr

Windsor Castle

The world famous Windsor Castle is another residence of the Queen, serving as a weekend retreat for her. It is the oldest and largest occupied castle of the entire world. The highlights of the castle are the following: the State Apartments, the Drawings Gallery, St. George’s Chapel and Queen Mary’s Doll House.

Windsor Castle pdbree/Flickr

Windsor Castle ©pdbree/Flickr

Kensington Palace

The beautiful Kensington Palace has also served as a residence for many members of the Royal family, including Diana, Princess of Wales, Queen Victoria and actually it serves as the residence of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This palace is also open for visitors who can admire the King’s State Apartments, the Victoria Revealed exhibition and the Queen’s State Apartments, presenting Diana’s dresses.

Edinburgh Castle

In case you visit Edinburgh, you have the chance to admire the fantastic Edinburgh Castle. During the Middle Ages it used to serve as the chief Royal castle of Scotland. Today the castle is the most important tourist attraction of Edinburgh. It is home to the Scottish Crown Jewels, the National War Museum of Scotland and the Stone of Destiny.

Edinburgh Castle Glen Bowman/Flickr

Edinburgh Castle ©Glen Bowman/Flickr

Westminster Abbey

A very important Royal attraction of the United Kingdom is the famous Westminster Abbey. It has been the place for the coronation of English monarchs since 1066. It has also served as the setting for 16 Royal weddings, including the resent wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.




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