A guide to Edinburgh’s nightlife

photo by Kinsey

In all of the UK, there is probably no city that melts better with its natural environment while showcasing the best and most fascinating parts of Scottish culture. Edinburgh is draped over the wild and craggy Scottish landscape, with streets that take sharp turns or slope dangerously downwards, with ornate and tall buildings in stern colors and more historical attractions than one can count. A traveler’s days in Edinburgh will surely be busy – there’s much to see in the city even if you don’t count the popular attractions like Edinburgh Castle or Princes Street. As for the nights, we can promise that those won’t be boring either, because Edinburgh has a downright spectacular nightlife, with loads of pubs and clubs to suit all tastes. Here’s a short guide to Edinburgh’s nightlife.

Below the Starts, Picardy Place

No 12 Picardy Place is one of the most impressive urban nightlife venues in the City, that brings together celebrities, the city’s hip crowd and travelers who like their nightlife spots as stylish as can be. The five-floor Georgian townhouse has a distinct flavor to each of its levels, and the lowest level, Below the Stairs, is a fantastic place for acoustic concerts and fancy cocktails enjoyed under the low ceiling.

Electric Circus, Market Street

photo by Danny Fowler

As you might expect from the name, this club is nothing if not eccentric, veering into bizarre territory from time to time. The Electric Circus feels and looks like something off the pages of a Clockwork Orange, but the whole affair is very relaxed. You can go to concerts and enjoy a couple of pints, or sing to your heart’s content in one of the private karaoke rooms.

Why Not, George Street

This decade-old club is definitely one of the finest in the city, and there’s no way it could be missing from any guide to Edinburgh’s nightlife. Monday and Friday nights at Why Not are downright legendary, thanks to the various promotions and deals designed to make the customers happy. One of club’s centerpieces is the giant Redbull fountain in the VIP area.

Espionage, Victoria Street

photo by Graham van der Wielen

Espionage is the perfect party venues for James Bond fans, or spy movie fans in general – you can imagine being a hardcore sleuth while dancing in one of the five different bar levels (all with different music styles, of course). The decor is sleek and neon-colored, and the bar is open every night of the week, so it’s very popular with both locals, students and traveler alike.

Stereo, King’s Stables Road

Stereo is one of the the most popular venues for Edinburgh’s young crowd, with diverse music and drinks that are fit for tighter budgets too. Stereo is a great place for relaxed, unconventional fun, where you don’t have to worry about your clothes or hair and just focus on the dancing and socializing.

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