A guide to Worchestershire

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Worchestershire is a county of England, being situated in the West Midlands. The administrative seat of Worchesterchire is also its largest city, Worcester. It is a beautiful cathedral city which is very attractive to visitors. Besides the city of Worcester, the county includes numerous fantastic places of interest which include natural and cultural attractions at the same time.

Some of the county’s gorgeous attractions are the following: Worcester Cathedral, the Malvern Hills, Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings, Great Malvern Priory, Witley Court and so on. There are so many attractions in the county that you will need to spend at least a week here to visit all of them. This guide to Worchestershire will help you find the best ones.

Worcester Cathedral

An outstanding example of the combination of Norman and Gothic architectural styles is the beautiful and famous Worcester Cathedral. It was built in several stages, between 1084 and 1504. The 15 bells and the immense organ are some of the most spectacular highlights of the cathedral. It also houses memorials and burials of notable people. The cathedral is a major tourist attraction of the city of Worcester. The interior of the cathedral is as breathtaking as its exterior, presenting beautiful stained glass windows, fantastic sculptures and gorgeous buttresses. Worcester Cathedral can be visited every day from 7:30 until 18:00. There is no entry fee. (November 2012)

Worcester Cathedral ©en.wikipedia.org

The Malvern Hills

The fantastic Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a great place to go hiking. Its highest summit offers stunning views over the Severn Valley. The hills are notable for their fantastic spring waters. Due to the presence of the spring waters, the town of Great Malvern had been developed as a spa town. There are numerous opportunities for practicing outdoor activities at Malvern Hills, including mountain biking, walking, climbing, horse riding, hiking, fishing and so on. Spending a day here is undoubtedly a great day out in the nature.

View from Malvern Hills ©en.wikipedia.org

Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings

It is a spectacular open-air museum which is undoubtedly a must-see of Worchestershire, being the first of its kind in England. It can be found in the district of Stoke Heath. The collection of the fantastic museum includes more than 25 buildings and structures. These had been brought from their original sites. Some of the exhibits are the following: the Windmill, the Merchant House, the Granary and so on. The visiting hours of the museum vary depending on season: between April and June from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 to 17:00, in July and August it is open daily from 10:30 to 17:00, in September and October from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 to 17:00, between November and March on weekends from 10:30 until 16:00. (November 2012)

Great Malvern Priory

The beautiful priory used to be a Benedictine monastery. Today it is a parish church. It is of an outstanding beauty, presenting gorgeous misericords, monuments, its organ, medieval wall tiles and stained glass windows. The priory is a well-known attraction of the county.

Great Malvern Priory ©en.wikipedia.org


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