A visitor’s guide to Newcastle

Tyne Bridge ©Glen Bowman/Flickr

Newcastle (or Newcastle upon Tyne) is a very attractive city located in Northeastern England, lying on the River Tyne. The city was named after the castle built in 1080. It used to be an important wood trade centre and today it is a very attractive tourist destination. Newcastle has several landmarks and attractions of which the most representative is perhaps the Tyne Bridge.

This visitor’s guide to Newcastle will include information about the best tourist attractions of the city, such as the Theatre Royal, the Gate, Grainger Town, the two magnificent cathedrals of the city and so on. If you find this description convincing or you’ve already decided to visit Newcastle, read the following guide. It will surely help you.

Tyne Bridge

Probably the most representative landmark of the city, the Tyne Bridge is also a major visitor attraction. It is actually a through arch bridge which links Newcastle to the town of Gateshead. The bridge was inaugurated and opened to traffic in 1928.

Tyne Bridge ©Glen Bowman/Flickr

Theatre Royal

The most important and biggest theatre of Newcastle, Theatre Royal is housed in a magnificent building. The actual theatre was opened in 1837 and the exterior part of it remained exactly the same in spite of the destruction caused by a huge fire in 1899. It is a popular attraction among visitors and it also includes a restaurant and a couple of bars.

Theatre Royal ©Stephen Douglas/Flickr

The Gate

Newcastle’s nightlife is considered buzzing and vibrant, making it very famous all around England. The Gate is a very popular complex for nightlife. It includes several bars, restaurants, clubs and a fantastic cinema. Situated in the city centre, The Gate is extremely popular among both local people and tourists.

Grainger Town

It is considered the historic centre of the city. Grainger Town is an important part of the city, being home to several tourist attractions and places of interest, such as the Theatre Royal, Grainger Market and so on. The area also includes remaining of the city walls and numerous fine Victorian and Georgian buildings. Grainger Town is undoubtedly a must-see area of the city.

St Mary’s Cathedral

The beautiful Catholic cathedral is another gorgeous attraction of the city. Built in Gothic Revival style between 1842 and 1844, the cathedral is an outstanding example of its type. Not only the exterior, but the interior of the cathedral is magnificent. For the lovers of architecture St Mary’s Cathedral is a must-see building.

St Nicholas’ Cathedral

It is an outstanding Gothic cathedral. The tower stands at a height of almost 60 m and contains twelve gorgeous bells, the tenor bell and three 15th century bells. The cathedral is a spectacular architectural jewel of the city, attracting dozens of visitors each year. The interior part of it is also astonishing, including numerous memorials and beautiful stained glass.

St Nicholas’ Cathedral ©Glen Bowman/Flickr


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