Adventure experiences in the UK

Canoeing on the Severn River nationalrural/Flickr

Canoeing on the Severn River ©nationalrural/Flickr

Are you a dependent of adrenaline? Do you love adventure? Are you planning a holiday to the UK in addition? If the answers to all the three questions are “yes”, you’ve found the perfect source of information. Below I will present you fantastic adventure experiences in the UK. Whether you prefer canoeing, cycling, bungee jumping, sailing, hiking or scuba diving, all these activities can be practiced in the United Kingdom. Sailing around Great Britain, scuba diving near the Orkneys, bungee jumping at Cleveland, canoeing along the Severn or hiking in Snowdonia will surely be an unforgettable experience. Read on to find out more about these adventure experiences.

Sailing around Great Britain

Sailing around Great Britain is with no doubt a special experience. If you are a lover of sailing, willing to explore the United Kingdom coastline, you can not miss this trip. You can sail round the island by your own sailing boat or you can make a reservation to a 12-week journey. You can start for example from Tower Bridge, sailing through Devon, towards Dublin, the Isle of Man, the Scottish Islands and heading towards Edinburgh. Then you should get back to Tower Bridge on the east coast. You will surely enjoy it!

Scuba diving near the Orkneys

Scapa Flow (in the Orkney Islands) is considered one of the United Kingdom’s best diving spots. The highlights of the site are the fantastic shipwrecks of which four were destroyers and seven warships. Besides, the site offers possibility for practicing cave diving and presents beautiful cliffs and rocks. Half-day diving experience for beginners costs £70.

Preparing for the dive at Scapa Flow andrew_bunday/Flickr

Preparing for the dive at Scapa Flow ©andrew_bunday/Flickr

Bungee jumping at Cleveland

The only bridge in the United Kingdom where dependents of adrenaline can practice bungee jumping is Middlesborough’s Transporter Bridge. The landscape isn’t as attractive as in case of a canyon bungee jumping, but it is surely a great rush. It costs £60 per person and it will be with no doubt an unforgettable experience.

Middlesborough's Transporter Bridge mattbuck4950/Flickr

Middlesborough’s Transporter Bridge ©mattbuck4950/Flickr

Canoeing along the Severn

Do you prefer watersports? Canoeing is a great adventure experience and it can be practiced along the Severn River. The wildlife of the area is as attractive as the canoeing itself. There are several start points and even beginners can hire canoes. There are numerous camping sites for visitors, too. I guarantee you it will be an amazing holiday.

Canoeing on the Severn River nationalrural/Flickr

Canoeing on the Severn River ©nationalrural/Flickr

Hiking in Snowdonia

Snowdonia is one of the most astonishing natural jewels of the United Kingdom. If you are a nature-lover and you love to hike, this is the perfect destination for you! There are numerous routes dedicated for hikers. The amazing Snowdon Mount is with no doubt a great site for practicing hiking.




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