Best adventure travel destinations in Britain

Lake District

Choosing a nice, cozy resort for your holiday and spending your free time lounging around, relaxing and just enjoying life always sounds like a great plan, but what about the times when you have so much energy that you can barely sit still for a second? Well, our suggestion is to go on an adventure! You don’t have to be an action hero or heroine to lead an exciting life during your travels, all you have to do is pick an unconventional travel destination and go wild, literally. In Britain, there are so many wild, exciting places in the countryside that you can practically live a lifetime of adventure there. Here are the best adventure travel destinations in Britain.

Lake District

Britain’s Lake District has frequently been in top 10 worldwide adventure destinations, and seeing as it was the only UK destinations to make it on the list, you can be sure that it is really something spectacular. The stunning natural environment of the Lake District combines lakes, mountains and valley, and it has lots of opportunities for hiking, walking, cycling, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, camping, sailing, fell-running and gorge scrambling.

South Coast

The coast of Cornwall and Devon is a real paradise for those who like water sports. Of course, you can sunbathe and lounge on the beach too, but if you want something more exciting, you can windsurf, or maybe go yachting. In addition to this, the rocks around the coast are great for some adventurous walks. The nearby Isle of Wight has some great sights too.


Wales was made for hiking and walking, or at least that’s what you’d think, considering the huge number of trails and hikes around the region. From gorgeous mountains to mellow plains, there’s a little bit of everything in Wales. Snowdonia National Park is especially beautiful, and it is worth visiting for a few days (camping out in Snowdonia is everything that an adventure travelers could wish for).


Scotland’s breath-taking views are no mystery or anyone. But while you can opt for visiting the rolling Scottish countryside in a cozy way (a bus tour, or by car), if you want to experience the real Scottish nature you should go hiking or biking through Scotland. You could hike up Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles, or visit Scotland’s islands: Shetland, Orkney, Hebrides or Skye.


Besides being home to the mysterious Pendle Hill, associated with witchcraft and the supernatural (a visit here is quite an adventure, if you are not easily spooked), Lancashire has quite a few outstanding wild regions that are surely among the best adventure travel destinations in Britain. Arnside and Silverdale and the Forest of Bowland are Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a distinction that is not that easily earned in the UK.

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