Best summer destinations in Scotland

Outer Hebrides landscape Iñaki Queralt/Flickr

Outer Hebrides landscape ©Iñaki Queralt/Flickr

Scotland is well-known for its breathtaking lochs, wonderful national parks, traditional Highland games, historic castles and fantastic events. This country is a perfect holiday destination for every tourist. Edinburgh, its capital city is a premier tourist destination, attracting its visitors due to the abundance of unique landmarks and attractions. The natural heritage of Scotland also drags innumerable visitors every year.

The 11.000 km of coastline, its hundreds of islands and lochs are extremely popular among visitors, especially in summer months. Scotland’s natural heritage is a remarkable jewel of the country. If you are looking for a great summer destination, I think you wouldn’t go wrong with this country. Read this guide in order to find out more about the best summer destinations in Scotland.

The Hebrides

The world famous Hebrides (Hebride Islands) make an excellent summer destination of Scotland. With some unique visitor attractions and natural wonders, the Hebrides are extremely attractive for tourists. Both the Outer and Inner Hebrides have excellent sites to visit.

The Outer Hebrides offer historic attractions like the Calanais Standing Stones, nature reserves, an astonishing wildlife, museums and other attractions. The Inner Hebrides are characterized by natural wilderness, beautiful beaches and bays, castles and other sights. Visiting these islands surely makes an unforgettable experience.  

Outer Hebrides landscape Iñaki Queralt/Flickr

Outer Hebrides landscape ©Iñaki Queralt/Flickr

Loch Ness

As one of the most beautiful and best-known lochs of Scotland, Loch Ness drags innumerable visitors every year. The loch is famous for the legendary and mysterious monster living in the lake named Nessie.

It is also a great summer destination of the country. After Loch Lomond, it is the second largest loch in Scotland. The loch is easily reachable from Inverness and offers numerous attractions and things to do to its visitors, including boat trips, walking, bird watching, cycling, fishing and so on.

View over Loch Ness lyng883/Flickr

View over Loch Ness ©lyng883/Flickr

Loch Lomond

Another extremely beautiful and popular loch of Scotland is Loch Lomond. It is famous for being the largest inland freshwater lake of Great Britain. It is also popular for its wonderful landscape.

The loch is a famous summer destination for both locals and foreign visitors, offering several great activities. It is one of the country’s premier boating and water sports locations. Kayaking, wind-surfing and jet skiing are just some of the activities which can be practiced on the surface of the loch.

View over Loch Lomond scoobygirl/Flickr

View over Loch Lomond ©scoobygirl/Flickr

Cairngorms National Park

One of the most beautiful national parks of Scotland, the Cairngorms National Park is a very attractive destination for nature-lovers, especially during summer season. This immense protected area covers the area occupied by the Cairngorms Mountains and its surrounding hills.

The national park is famous for its unique landscape. During winter months the mountain drags innumerable skiers, as it is home to three of the country’s five resorts. As for the summer months, visitors can practice climbing, hill-walking, bird watching, fly-fishing and other activities here. You shouldn’t miss the visit either!

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