Best winter sales in the UK

Sales ad in the UK Failed Experiments With A Plastic Camera/Flickr

Sales ad in the UK ©Failed Experiments With A Plastic Camera/Flickr

Like everywhere else, January is the month of discounts in the UK, too. There are fantastic seasonal shopping discounts all over the country. Almost every shopping mall, store or boutique offers great discounts you can not miss. In case you are a shopaholic or you just look for some good discounts, I recommend you to visit the United Kingdom during this month. The largest British cities offer the best shopping discounts. Such cities are London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton and so on. If you would like to find out more about the best winter sales in the UK and the hottest shopping spots, read the following guide.


Of course the main shopping spot of the United Kingdom is London. London is a must for every shopaholic. During the winter sales the biggest brand stores sell the most famous brands at fantastic prices. Westfield London, Fortnum and Mason and Harvey Nichols are just some of the best spots for winter sales.

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Books on sale in London ©Simon Welsh/Flickr


Cardiff is a growing shopping spot. With high street names and famous brands Cardiff is a great city for shopaholics. Visiting Cardiff during January is a great opportunity to buy quality products for low prices. St. David’s Shopping Centre is one of the best spots to do it.


There are some great stores in Glasgow, too which offer great winter sales. Some of the best-known spots are the West End, the Buchanan Galleries, the Merchant City and so on. If you prefer markets, visit Glasgow’s Barras Market. It is a great spot for winter sales.

Sales ad in the UK Failed Experiments With A Plastic Camera/Flickr

Sales ad in the UK ©Failed Experiments With A Plastic Camera/Flickr


Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre is considered to be one of the United Kingdom’s most famous shopping spots. You’ll find fantastic discounts here during January. Big discounts are waiting for you in the Selfridges shop, too. The city is a must for those looking for winter sales.


The city of Manchester is also a great destination for shopaholics. There are great shopping spots all over the city and January is the month of the biggest discounts. The Northern Quarter, the King Street and Saturday’s Tib Street are just three of the most famous shopping spots of the city.

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Sales sign ©Andrew_Writer/Flickr


One of the best destinations for winter sales is Leeds. Victoria Quarter and The Light are some of the best places to find great discounts.


Brighton is an excellent destination for bargains. It is fashionable and funky, offering great shops for the visitors. You will find unique, retro and vintage items here.


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