Britain’s most iconic landscapes

Giant's Causeway TS Drown/Flickr

Giant’s Causeway ©TS Drown/Flickr

The UK’s four countries are abundant in some breathtaking and unique natural sights. From mountainous areas to craggy coastline, from hidden caves to unique national parks, from gorges to fantastic lakes, the United Kingdom is home to innumerable and varied forms of relief. I have already presented you tens of guides relating to the natural wonders of this amazing country.

Below I will give you some information relating to some of Britain’s most iconic landscapes, including the Jurassic Coast, the Giant’s Causeway, Snowdonia, the Cotswolds and Cheddar Gorge. If you would like to visit a truly recognizable and representative British landscape, choose one of the previously mentioned ones.

The Jurassic Coast

The East Devon and Dorset Coast is known as the Jurassic Coast. This area was the first site of Britain which was inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The fascinating 95 miles long coastline is one of the most dramatic landscapes of the country. The unique cliffs along the coast actually present the geological development of the region through the Triassic and Jurassic eras. Make a walk along this coastline and let yourself be amazed by the wilderness of the Jurassic Coast.

The Giant’s Causeway

As one of the most popular and most breathtaking natural sights of Northern Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway is an astonishing landscape of Britain. This World Heritage Site attracts numerous visitors each year due to its unique look. It is actually made up of about 40.000 of interconnected basalt columns. Visiting this site is surely a remarkable experience.

Giant's Causeway TS Drown/Flickr

Giant’s Causeway ©TS Drown/Flickr


One of the UK’s most astonishing protected areas, the Snowdonia National Park is an extremely popular visitor attraction. The park protects the Snowdon Mountain and attracts numerous nature-lovers. Visitors have the occasion to practice several outdoor activities here, including hiking, climbing, trekking, walking and so on.

Snowdonia helpingmedia/Flickr

Snowdonia ©helpingmedia/Flickr

The Cotswolds

The breathtaking area named Cotswolds is considered one of the most picturesque landscapes of the United Kingdom. Considered an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the area is formed of several hills. The rolling hills and farm fields create an astonishing region of countryside of the UK. It is absolutely a worth visiting area and an iconic landscape of Britain.

Cotswold trout farm Pot Noodle/Flickr

Cotswold trout farm ©Pot Noodle/Flickr

Cheddar Gorge

The biggest gorge of the UK was formed by meltwater floods about one million years ago in Somerset. Cheddar Gorge presents a dramatic steep-sided ravine which is very attractive for nature-lovers. You can admire here some wonderful show caves, an underground river and unique rock formations.

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