Budget eats in Birmingham

photo by West Midlands Police on Flickr

Birmingham was the heart of Britain’s industrial revolution, and still the leader of many industries. It is a city with more canals than Venice, although they might look slightly less picturesque. It is also the city where famous literary figures like Tolkien, Washington Irving or Conan Doyle wrote or lived. In short, Birmingham is a city with many facets, with a lots to show off, despite being very different from the stereotypical images of ye olde England. The city has lots of museums, several great parks, amazing nightlife and various activities for traveler, and most importantly, it has loads of cheap and good restaurants. Here are some of the best budget eats in Birmingham, for the hungry traveler.

Urban Pie, Bullring Shopping Center

photo by Ruth Ellison on Flickr

The current Bullring Shopping Center is one of the busiest shopping centers in Europe, and it is quite large and maze-like. But if you want a good pie (perhaps one of the best in the city), then you should make the effort of navigating through the shopping mall to the Urban Pie shop, a cozy wood covered shop that serves cheap, filling and tasty home-made pies with an assortment of side dishes.

Handmade Burger Co, Brindleyplace

Handmade Burger Co has over forty delicious burgers on menu, all made with fresh and healthy ingredients. The restaurant pays special attention to the ingredients, and while these are not the cheapest burgers you can find (some of them are around £7-8), the servings are large and utterly delicious. They also have a sizable selection of vegetarian burgers, salads and side-dishes.

Great British Eatery, Francis Road

photo by puamelia/Flickr

Fish and chips are back in fashion nowadays, but many of the new fish and chips shops just don’t get this traditional dish right. But that’s not the case with the Great British Eatery, where the fish is always fresh and cooked to order, with a crunchy golden casing and crispy chips. The shop looks modern, but the recipes are all traditional (the fish is even cooked in beef drippings!), and you won’t find any pizza, kebabs or other fast food common in other fish and chips shops.

The Lord Clifden, Great Hampton Street

The Lord Clifden looks more like a watering hole than a restaurant, adorned with edgy urban art (pieces by Bansky and Blek), and with several award winning lagers on top. However, when it comes to food, this venue is a paradise for travelers looking for budget eats in Birmingham: yummy sandwiches with jacket potatoes for less than £2, and some surprising main dishes (wood pigeon and bacon salad for £5!).

Asha’s, Newhall Street

photo by avlxyz on Flickr

Asha’s is a Michelin starred Indian restaurant, so not the usual place for a budget traveler. However, don’t be put off by the restaurant’s reputation, because lunch at Asha’s won’t break the bank. You can get a lunch special of curry, rice, dipping sauce and a drink for about £6. You can choose from chicken, lamb and vegetable curries which are perfectly flavored and served on a large mound of cooked rice.

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