Cheap flights to London

How you can acquire cheap flights to London

To discover cheap flights to London, for a start it is important to browse multiple sites to observe the costs and find the cheapest one. Search all the time for several airports in the region, since prices are likely to be diverse; in case you fly to the city, enter all: London Heathrow, Gatwick, London Stansted, London City to find out which one is the most inexpensive to get a flight to. It is good to know that it is a lot less expensive to travel between Monday and Friday particularly if you stay for Saturday and Sunday, then you will probably preserve some money and have time to explore the landmarks of the area. You can simply find cheap flights to all airports in London at one time if you use LON, the generic three-letter airport code of the whole area

Tips to choose the period to go to London

High season in London is throughout Mid-April to September, this indicates livelier atmosphere, probably better weather conditions and a lot of events and festivals yet at the same place much more visitors, crowds everywhere and raised costs. At the same time, off season is in November to March, which usually means less expenses everywhere, less tourists, but it also brings a few inconveniences, for example much less things to do or bad weather. Based on these facts we are of the opinion that overall the greatest period of time to head to London should be somewhere between off and peak season, sometime in October and April.

Interesting information respecting London and the flights going there

  • The city is located in the GMT+0 time zone, thus, depending on your departure location, you have a chance to feel the effects of jet-lag.
  • The longest flight landing in the city is 6,918 miles (11,133 km) long with the airplane coming from Buenos Aires.
  • The shortest route links the city and Deauville and the flight is 151 miles long.
  • London Heathrow, the largest airport in the city, is located 1.88 miles away from the city center.
  • London is linked to a large number of different airports everywhere, 309 of them to be precise.
  • Nowadays something like 7.557 million people stay in London, United Kingdom.

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