Cheap flights to United Kingdom

Cheap flights to United Kingdom

The cheapest price found by our visitors for an airfare to United Kingdom is $336, it was a Brussels Airlines flight departing from Detroit. For fresher prices, in the last year $375 was the rate of the cheapest flight to United Kingdom found by our users; the flight was operated by Continental Airlines, departing from Dallas/Fort Worth International in May, 2012. Considering average rates February the best month to fly to the region.

Airline companies operating flights to United Kingdom

Totally 120 companies operate flights in and to United Kingdom, 11 of them also operate flights in the country. British Airways connects United Kingdom with exactly 74 countries and at the same time British Airways links it with 47 United States cities. 120 of these serving the country also operate international flights and 121 airlines have flights to the US cities.

Airport information about the country

Out of the 46 airports in United Kingdom 32 are international airports and the others only serve on domestic routes. The busiest airport in the country is London Heathrow Airport having 160 connections served by 46 airlines. You are able to get to the country from 25 separate US airports in 25 separate US cities. Hunt cheap flights to United Kingdom from the closest possible airport to your home in the search box.

Fun facts about flights to United Kingdom

  • The airline companies with the largest number of internal flights are Flybe, easyJet, Eastern Airways, British Airways and American Airlines.
  • The average cost of a flight coming from the USA to United Kingdom is $985 round-trip.
  • November to March is the time of low travel season in United Kingdom, so you can probably travel cheaper although this time of the year could be less lively.
  • High season in the country is around July and August yearly so it is more expensive and more crowded at that time but also more fun.
  • The shortest domestic flight in the whole country is 33 miles long and it goes from Benbecula airport to Barra airport.

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