Child-friendly attractions in London

London Zoo jf1234/Flickr

London Zoo ©jf1234/Flickr

As spring has arrived, the children want to get out in nature and enjoy themselves. In case you are looking for a great child-friendly destination which suits your preferences, too, I will give you a great tip: choose London. London is a fantastic city, full of astonishing parks, gardens and fantastic playgrounds for the kids. While you rest on a bench after an exhausting day of sightseeing, your kids can play and enjoy themselves. You can also take them to the fantastic London Zoo or other attractions. There are dozens of child-friendly attractions in London which will surely amaze your kids. Choose this fantastic city as your holiday destination and the entire family will enjoy the vacation.

London Zoo

The astonishing and famous London Zoo has a great location, it can be found in the heart of the city, more precisely in the picturesque Regent’s Park. It attracts adults and children at the same time.

The popular zoo is home to over 700 of species of animals living in such themed areas like the Gorilla Kingdom, the Rainforest Life and others. There is a new area named Tiger Territory which was opened last month. Visiting the zoo is surely a great day out with the kids. The zoo is open daily from 10:00. The closing times vary. The price of a ticket is £16.60. (April 2013)

London Zoo jf1234/Flickr

London Zoo ©jf1234/Flickr


As I already mentioned it, London is home to dozens of spectacular playgrounds, including adventure playgrounds, too. You will surely find at least one playground in every district of the city.

The best thing about taking the kids to a playground is to sit down on a bench and watch the kids burn off all their energy. Some of the best playgrounds of the English capital city are the following: Somerford Grove Adventure Playground, The Princess Diana Playground, Coram’s Fields and others. Some playgrounds even welcome children with disabilities. If you would like to satisfy your children’s preferences, take them to a playground in London! They will surely enjoy it.

Adventure playground in London Zoo ell brown/Flickr

Adventure playground in London Zoo ©ell brown/Flickr

City farms

Other fantastic child-friendly attractions in London are its great city farms. If your kids love animals, the best place to take them is one of these farms. Experience rural life and satisfy the kids’ preferences. They will surely love it! Most of the city farms also include play areas, beautiful gardens, perhaps a farm shop where you can purchase farm produce. Some of the city farms of London are the following: Bocketts Farm Park, Belmont Children’s Farm, Crystal Palace Park Farm and others.

Green spaces

London is famous for its breathtaking green spaces, including parks and gardens. You can rest in these wonderful open spaces, practice some great outdoor activities and even admire the animals which live here. The most beautiful parks in London are: Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, St James’s Park, Greenwich Park, Richmond Park, Victoria Park and so on.

Grey Heron in Hyde Park, London Global Water Forum/Flickr

Grey Heron in Hyde Park, London ©Global Water Forum/Flickr

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