Experiencing Cutty Sark in Greenwich

Cutty Sark from the front

Cutty Sark from the front ©Jon’s pics/Flickr

The last surviving tea clipper ship of the British Royal Navy is called Cutty Sark and was built in 1869. She was one of the last and one of the fastest of her kind before sailing ships were exchanged to steam ships. The ship is now docked near the center of Greenwich and is awaiting visitors of all ages.

Cutty Sark is part of the Royal Museums Greenwich alongside The National Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory and the Queen’s House. All four museums are amazing, but Cutty Sark is probably the most authentic piece of history in the whole RMG.

Experience Cutty Sark

To actually see more of this amazing ship check out the video below and get to know a little more about the experience that is Cutty Sark and about what you can do there.

The history of Cutty Sark

Built in 1869, the ship was destined for the tea trade, but after the opening of the Suez Canal that meant a shorter route for steam ships, Cutty Sark was turned to be used in the wool trade from Australia. From 1938 it was used as a training ship for the cadets of the Thames nautical Training College until 1953, the foundation of the Cutty Sark Preservation Society.

Cutty Sark ship museum

Cutty Sark ©Visit Greenwich/Flickr

Visitors should know

You can find and visit Cutty Sark on Romney Road in Greenwich, only steps away from the National Maritime Museum and the Queen’s House. All the museums, including the ship, are open from 10 AM to 5 PM (last admission at 4 AM), local time.

Admission for adults costs 13.5 Pounds (about $23) and for kids between 5 and 15 years 7 Pounds (about $12). Children under 5 years can enter for free and they also have special discounts for families. Note that you can buy tickets both online and on the spot.

Cutty Sark from the front

Cutty Sark from the front ©Jon’s pics/Flickr

What can you see and do

Just think about doing a time travel with one of the most famous ships in the world. You can venture onboard Cutty Sark, a top attraction in London and the area, and see everything on the ship as it was 150 years ago. You can learn about the history of Cutty Sark, about the journeys it made and the adventures it had.

You can walk along the decks and explore the hold where tea, wool and other precious cargo was stored, see where the captain gave orders and where sailors slept. Such an experience is almost by itself worth traveling to London.

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