Explore the beautiful Norfolk Broads

Sailing at the Norfolk Broads, photo by rs18000/Flickr

Being actually a series of lakes (broads) and rivers, the Norfolk Broads are fantastic tourist destinations of which major part is situated in the county of Norfolk. This spectacular area is also named The Broads and contains numerous smaller or bigger ponds. Besides the lakes, there are numerous rivers her, too, such as Waveney, Chet, Yare. Most of the rivers and lakes are navigable. The area of Norfolk Broads is considered a popular boating destination, attracting a large number of visitors every year. Nicknamed “Britain’s Magical Waterland”, the area contains, besides the lakes and rivers, numerous picturesque villages, fantastic landscapes and gorgeous countryside.


The biggest protected area of wetland, The Broads is a perfect boating destination. Obviously, the area can best be discovered by boat. The beautiful lakes are connected by rivers, most of which are navigable. Boating at the Norfolk Broads is undoubtedly a fantastic day out for the whole family. The landscapes are magnificent as you boat on shallow lakes surrounded by spectacular marshes, not to mention the beautiful and varied wildlife. There are numerous centres where you can hire a boat, such as Potter, Wroxham, Horning and so on. You can opt for hiring a small boat for a day trip or make a one-week holiday with a cruiser. Choosing any of it, you will surely have part of a memorable experience.

Boats at The Broads, photo by nickstone333/Flickr

River cruising

Another fantastic way to discover The Broads is by making a river trip. As I already mentioned it, the lakes are connected by rivers and most of them are navigable. If you would like to enjoy the picturesque scenery and be guided all along the journey, opt for a fantastic river trip on a Broads Cruiser. There are numerous cruisers which run hourly from different places, such as Acle, Wroxham or Horning. Take your time and enjoy the wonderful journey, admire the landscapes and let yourself become one with the spectacular nature.

Sailing at the Norfolk Broads, photo by rs18000/Flickr

Coastal trips

The Broads are connected to the sea from Great Yarmouth by the river Bure. There are organized one-week tours on the coasts. It is the perfect way to discover the coasts of The Broads. Sea sailing will surely make an unforgettable and adventurous holiday to you. During the trip the boat will stop at many coastal villages where visitors can enjoy the locals’ hospitality. You can also opt for a unique seal trip, as there are Grey Seals and British Common Seals living on the stretches of the coast. The children will surely be amazed by these fantastic wild creatures as they swim up close to your boat.

Cycling and walking

If you prefer cycling or walking instead of boating, you can also do it at The Broads. There are great cycling- and walking routes here. Cycling is also very popular at Norfolk Broads. You can hire a bike at any of the centres and enjoy the gorgeous scenery on the easily riding trails. You can also bring the whole family and discover the fantastic area by foot. There are marked trails for walkers, too.

The Norfolk Broads, photo by nickstone333/Flickr


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