Exploring the UK on a budget with the Great British Heritage Pass

There are as many reasons to visit the UK as there are tourists visiting the UK, and it’s impossible to hate the place except if you make great efforts in that direction. Yo might come to Britain for the shopping, the party scene, the museums or the rich and exciting history that has left its mark not only in the British Isles, but all over Europe. Whatever you do in the UK and wherever you go, it’s impossible to avoid its historical heritage, because a historical building or site is around the corner, probably even in the remotest village in the British countryside. However, visiting the UK is not a negligible financial enterprise, and many tourists find themselves having to choose which places to visit, which is always a difficult decision. To get the most out of your holiday in the UK, you can keep your wallet happy in a simple way – exploring the UK on a budget with the Great British Heritage Pass.

What is the Great British Heritage Pass?

The British Tourist Authority created thirty years ago by the Great British Heritage Pass in order to make Britain’s considerable number of tourist attractions more accessible for tourists. The pass is only available to international visitors, which means that using this pass, tourists have priority in every situation. The passes are available for children and adults for the duration of 3, 7 or 30 days. A thirty day adult pass will cost you around £120, but if you take time to visit most of the destinations covered by the card, it means that you can save as much as 50% off entrance fees.The pass becomes valid the first time you use it to visit an attraction, and it remains valid for the consecutive number of days indicated on it.

Benefits of the pass

The Great British Heritage Pass grants you entry to 480 of the UK’s heritage sites, and not only that, but it will save you from the tedium of waiting in queues and thus to save time that you can use instead to explore. The hassle is also less because you won’t need to use cash to pay for entry tickets each time you visit something, and you won’t have to keep an eye out on currency rates in order to know how much you spend each day on sightseeing. In addition to being able to enter for free to the 480 heritage sites on the list, you can also visit the Roman Baths and the Eden Project for only half the ticket price.

Where to buy

You can order the card from the website of the British Tourist Authority, and either have it delivered to your home address so that you can start using your card the moment you arrive to the UK, or you can pick it up in Britain at one of the collection points found all over the country. The pass comes with a guidebook with all the featured attractions, as well as a map with instructions how to reach them.


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