Have an afternoon tea in the UK

Afternoon tea at a hotel firepile/Flickr

Afternoon tea at a hotel ©firepile/Flickr

Afternoon tea plays an important role in Brits’ life. It is actually a light meal of scones, delicately cut sandwiches, clotted cream, jam, different cakes and pastries. Afternoon tea became popular in Britain during the 19th century. Today it is the favorite every-day ritual of the Brits. Would you also like to find out how a relaxing afternoon tea is? Where to go for a delicious tea? There are numerous great tea houses, hotels, country houses and tea shops where you can drink an excellent tea. Below I will give you some tips for venues where you can have an afternoon tea in the UK. The Leaf Tea bar, the Pump Room, Fortnum and Mason, Tchai-Ovna and Claridge’s are just five of the best ones.

The Leaf tea bar

Nicknamed Liverpool’s “punk”, the fantastic Leaf tea bar serves tea by day, but it turns into a great night club in the evening. Located on Bold Street, the teashop and bar is very attractive for guests. They offer a large variety of teas, which can be even purchased in 50g bags, making perfect gifts. Besides tea, they also offer other drinks and food, including breakfast menu and a cake selection.

Afternoon tea in London garybembridge/Flickr

Afternoon tea in London ©garybembridge/Flickr

The Pump Room

Located in Bath, at the Roman Baths, the Pump Room is a very popular venue. The Pump Room is open daily for breakfast, lunch and even for afternoon tea. The elegant atmosphere is very attractive for guests. They serve delicious meals and tea. The Pump Room Celebration Champagne Tea for instance is a luxury tea, including a tea or a cup of coffee, smoked salmon, homemade with clotted cream and fruits.

Fortnum and Mason

If you would like to relax after a sightseeing or a shopping trip in London, the fantastic Fortnum and Mason is a lovely setting for an afternoon tea and cake. The tea salon is very attractive for guests. For more than 300 years, Fortnum and Mason has been selling excellent quality tea. Do you love luxurious venues? Don’t miss this one.

British tea blmurch/Flickr

British tea ©blmurch/Flickr


Tchai-Ovna offers a fantastic and relaxed hangout. The eclectic furnishings and dark, yet comfortable corners offer a unique atmosphere. They serve 80 different teas. Glasgow’s magical tea shop is a must for the lovers of tea. There are numerous fantastic teas on offer, including black tea, herbal tea, Chinese tea, flavoured and fruit tea, Indian tea, Vietnamese tea and so on.


Claridge’s Hotel offers a luxurious space to have a great afternoon tea which is served daily at 15:00, 15:30, 17:00 or 17:30. They offer a great selection of finger sandwiches, scones and sweet pastries, all made from the finest ingredients.

Afternoon tea at a hotel firepile/Flickr

Afternoon tea at a hotel ©firepile/Flickr

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