Hidden places in London

St Mary’s Secret Garden ministryofstries/Flickr

St Mary’s Secret Garden ©ministryofstries/Flickr

London is a fantastic tourist destination, being one of the top capital cities of Europe and even of the entire world. There are so many landmarks and visitor attractions in this huge city that you would need a couple of days to visit all of them.

I am sure that you’ve heard about the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, the Palace of Westminster, Madame Tussauds, the British Museum, Trafalgar Square, Kew Gardens and other major and world famous landmarks of the city, but few people know the hidden places in London. The best hidden gems of the city are the following: St Mary’s Secret Garden, the Hunterian Museum, the Secret Cinema, Chilsehurts Caves, Wilton’s Music Hall and so on.

St Mary’s Secret Garden

A beautiful hidden gem of London is St Mary’s Secret Garden. The small garden includes a herd garden, woodland, wonderful flowers and plants and even vegetable beds. Educational and therapeutic sessions are offered at the garden which can be visited Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. It is a free visitor attraction. (June 2013)

St Mary’s Secret Garden ministryofstries/Flickr

St Mary’s Secret Garden ©ministryofstries/Flickr

The Hunterian Museum

A hidden and strange attraction at the same time is London’s Hunterian Museum. It includes a collection of pickled internal organs, strange specimens and medical instruments. The museum can be found within the Royal College of Surgeons of England. It was recently renovated and awaits its visitors with strange and interesting collections.

Exhibit at London Hunterian Museum NezTez/Flickr

Exhibit at London Hunterian Museum ©NezTez/Flickr

The Secret Cinema

The Secret Cinema is a unique attraction of London. It is a new way to watch a film. The scene is unusual every month. The most interesting thing about the cinema is that the film you are about to watch is secret. You don’t find it out until you arrive at the cinema. If you love secrets and surprises, this sight is the best choice for you!

Chilsehurts Caves

Located at Old Hill, Chislehurst, the fantastic Chilsehurts Caves is another hidden gem of London. These caves are man-made underground caves which can be visited by tour guides. The tour takes about 45 minutes and there is presented the association of the caves with the Romans and Druids. The caves open at 10:00 and the last tour begins at 16:00. The ticket costs £6 for adults and £4 for children. (June 2013)

Wilton’s Music Hall

Situated on Graces Alley, the Wilton’s Music Hall is considered one of the oldest music halls of the world. The venue presents today theatre, concerts and opera, but guided tours are also offered for visitors. It is quite ruined, as it used to be it was a shelter and a warehouse in the 1950’s.

Wilton’s Music Hall Gribiche/Flickr

Wilton’s Music Hall ©Gribiche/Flickr

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