Holiday Insurance – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Passport and luggage

Passport and luggage ©Sean MacEntee/Flickr

If you’ve been abroad before, or even if you’ve read stories of holidaymakers in the papers, you’ll realise that holiday insurance is a pretty essential part of going away. Even though it’s not a compulsory part of travel, to go on holiday without it is to put yourself at risk of losing large amounts of money if things go wrong.

What could go wrong, you ask? You don’t have to jump out of planes or go rock-climbing to have an accident, or to fall ill and require medical treatment. When you’re abroad, you can’t rely on NHS treatment, unless you’re well enough to catch a flight home of course.

Insurance for medical emergencies

Ambulance at an accident

Ambulance at an accident ©Highway Patrol Images/Flickr

If you require medical assistance abroad, you’ll be liable for the cost of treatment – and this can quite easily cost hundreds, even thousands of pounds. Going to hospital when you’re on holiday is bad enough, but facing the aftershock of such a huge bill is potentially even worse.

Passport and luggage

Passport and luggage can easily be lost ©Sean MacEntee/Flickr

It’s not just limited to accidents either. If you require a new prescription or if you lose your medication and need to buy more when you’re abroad, this can also cost well over the odds. Other unthinkable scenarios like a lost passport or lost luggage can also come into play.

Levels of holiday insurance

Extreme sports enthusiasts

Extreme sports enthusiasts should have travel insurance ©Hakon Thingstad/Flickr

Don’t let this put you off your travels, because the right level of holiday insurance can protect you from many of these scenarios. There are plenty of travel & holiday insurance providers out there offering policies to suit various types of holidays all over Europe and the world. Whether you’re an extreme sports enthusiast or a sun-seeker who’s just looking for the nearest beach, get online or speak to your tour operator to find the right level of holiday insurance cover for you and your budget.

Don’t leave home without it – it will most certainly be worth it in the long run!

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