How the Irish celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Festival girl GoToVan/Flickr

Saint Patrick’s Festival girl ©GoToVan/Flickr

If you don’t know much of Saint Patrick’s Day, I will tell you some information about it. Besides the basic information, I will present you below some facts relating to how the Irish celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. It is a religious and cultural holiday which is celebrated on the 17th of March, being dedicated to the patron of Ireland, Saint Patrick.

The holiday has its origins in the 17th century. This day actually commemorates the arrival of Christianity in the country. Irish people are proud of their holiday. This involves festivals, parades, the wearing of green attire and so on. If you are interested in some facts about the traditions relating to Saint Patrick’s Day, read the following guide. Also, check out the following short video which presents you some funny ways to go green.

Going green

Perhaps the most important part of this holiday is to dress up with something green. Going green doesn’t literally mean wearing some kind of cloth with a huge shamrock on it. No! All the Irish have to do it to wear something green, including a green t-shirt, a green tie, a green-striped polo and so on. They are free to choose whatever they’d like. They can also wear something with funny sayings on it relating to this holiday, such as “Kiss me, I’m Irish”. If they would really like to be funny and attract the attention, they can wear a Leprechaun costume. Another tradition is to wear a collection of Shamrock during the parades.

Saint Patrick’s Festival girl GoToVan/Flickr

Saint Patrick’s Festival girl ©GoToVan/Flickr

Other traditions

Irish traditions do not include only going green during celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. If someone doesn’t wear something green, Irish people give a pinch to him. Searching four-leaf-clovers is also a popular tradition. They also accessorize themselves with different kind of jewelry, buttons, pins and others…nothing is outlandish on this day! Eating local traditional food and drinking traditional drink is also part of the celebration. Irish music is played everywhere and people dance traditional Irish dance. This feast is one of the craziest holidays of Irish people.

Saint Patrick’s Festival crowds GoToVan/Flickr

Saint Patrick’s Festival crowds ©GoToVan/Flickr

Attending the local parades

As I already mentioned it, celebrating this feast includes public parades. Irish people get out on the streets and enjoy the parades. Such parades are held in numerous cities all around the world, not only in Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you happen to visit Northern Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day, I suggest you to attend these parades, too and wear something green!

Family attending Saint Patrick's Festival GoToVan/Flickr

Family attending Saint Patrick’s Festival ©GoToVan/Flickr

Tasting traditional food and drink

The feast involves eating traditional food and drinking traditional drink. Here are some that Irish people are familiar with: green baked goodies, Irish soda bread, Irish coffee, Corned beef and cabbage, boxty, stew and other.



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