London shopping guide

photo by Marc Lacoste

London is a paradise for shoppers, there’s no denying that. If you’re a fan of fashion, then you have probably heard of the many delights that London has to offer. But in addition to high-end fashion stores, there is a lot more to be found in the British capital. From tiny vintage shops where you can find some true gems if you have the patience, to looming department stores and casual little markets, London has it all, and it’s only a question of time and money whether you find what you were looking for. So here is a London shopping guide – happy shopping!


Knightsbridge is picturesque – it has some very nice buildings, and besides, it runs next to Hyde Park. But if you are fashion conscious, it’s the countless shops on this street that will catch your interest. Knightsbridge is the center of London’s haute couture, and here’s where you can find department stores like Harrods or Harvey Nichols. Other famous brands have outlets on Knightsbridge, and while there’s a lot to choose from, the prices are quite steep.

Bond Street

photo by Garry Knight

Bond Street is the essence of luxury shopping in London, and it’s enough to take a sweeping look at the street to be dazzled by all the glamor and chic. Those with a taste for elegance and luxury can satisfy their fashion cravings on Bond Street, but like all good things, it doesn’t come cheap. Prada, Versace and other brand shops on Bond Street will be happy to turn you into a paragon of elegance…for a price.

Covent Garden

If you want more than fancy shops and you feel like browsing through some quaint little boutiques, Covent Garden should be your shopping area of choice. Besides, you can always take a break from shopping and have a cup of tea or a snack in one of the many cozy little cafes in the area. Plus, often there’s live entertainment on the street – and there you have the recipe for a perfect shopping trip.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is a legend among those who know something about shopping in London, and that’s no surprise, seeing as it has about 300 shops, so it really can’t miss from any London shopping guide. The famous Selfridges is located on Oxford Street, as well as huge department stores like Debenhams and John Lewis. The street tends to get a little too crowded at times, but there are lots of side streets where you can take refuge and where you can find all sorts of treats.


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