Must-see attractions in Dartmoor

Climbers at Haytor Rock Warwick Conway/Flickr

Climbers at Haytor Rock ©Warwick Conway/Flickr

A fantastic area of moorland, the famous protected area of England, Dartmoor is a great place to visit during summertime. It can be found in South Devon and it is an area characterized by astonishing natural beauty. There are numerous communities on the ground of the national park. You should visit it, too. If you are interested in the must-see attractions in Dartmoor, I suggest you to read this guide below. Castle Drogo, Grey Wethers, Haytor Rock, Grimspound and Lydford Gorge are just five of the most important attractions of the national park. I think you shouldn’t miss none of these sights. All are worth visiting!

Castle Drogo

The wonderful Castle Drogo is a beautiful cultural site of Dartmoor. It is built entirely of granite, considered to be the last castle to be built in England. The beautiful castle is surrounded by a magnificent garden popular for its astonishing magnolias, its rose garden, its rhododendrons, circular croquet lawn and shrub garden. You shouldn’t miss the visit.

Castle Drogo Lawrie Cate/Flickr

Castle Drogo ©Lawrie Cate/Flickr

Grey Wethers

Formed by two prehistoric stone circles, the site named Grey Wethers is another popular landmark of the national park. Both are about 33 m in diameter, including 20, respectively 29 stones. There are legends relating to the site’s origin. One legend tells a story of a farmer, willing to purchase sheep (in Old English “wether” means sheep). The site is an interesting attraction of Dartmoor.

Haytor Rock

A granite tor of Dartmoor is the Haytor Rock. Haytor is now considered an important tourist attraction, a fascinating natural beauty spot and undoubtedly the most popular landmark. The site is attractive for walking groups.Haytor Rock is quite easily accessible, being situated at a height of only 457 m.

Climbers at Haytor Rock Warwick Conway/Flickr

Climbers at Haytor Rock ©Warwick Conway/Flickr


Another Dartmoor attraction is the Bronze Age settlement named Grimspound. The nearest village to this site is Widecombe-in-the-Moor. The excavation in 1893 carried out in Dartmoor revealed many details of the site. Since then it has become very popular. There are other prehistoric settlements in Dartmoor, too, but this is the best-known of them all. It actually consists of 24 stone houses enclosed by a boundary wall.

Lydford Gorge

South-western England’s deepest gorge is situated here, in the Dartmoor National Park. It was created by the Lyd River. Lydford Gorge is a fascinating natural wonder of Dartmoor, dragging numerous visitors. The dramatic scenery is very attractive for tourists. It also features a wonderful waterfall named “White Lady”. The gorge is an absolutely must-see sight of Dartmoor.

Lydford Gorge HerryLawford/Flickr

Lydford Gorge ©HerryLawford/Flickr

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