On a Budget: Frugal Cruise Itineraries

Cruise ship, Norwegian Dawn

Cruise ship ©kansasphoto/Flickr

Times might be tough and Brits may be struggling with the economic climate, but that doesn’t mean you should give up a holiday in the sun altogether. It may just mean that you have to be a little more careful with your pennies and make sure you get great value for money.

Whether you choose to book a Mediterranean cruise or you choose to head elsewhere, there are plenty of offers available to ensure your holiday on the ocean doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can find the cheapest cruise deals online, offering competitive prices on short and long haul breaks.

Budget cruise vacations

Unlike many of the ‘budget’ airlines out there that cut the luxuries in order to provide a cheap air fare, even the cheapest of liners don’t scrimp on what they offer, ensuring that you can get the best value cruise. Sometimes, it’s the older models of ships that are considered ‘budget’ due to the new generations of liners offering more exuberant travel.

Cruise ship, Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Dawn ship of Norwegian Cruise Lines ©kansasphoto/Flickr

To land a penny-pinching deal, the choice of budget liners isn’t necessarily your only choice. You can
still find some fantastic rates on premium lines if you know how to find the cheapest cruise deals.

How to find a cheap cruise

Choosing a budget liner is one of the strategies available to ensure your money goes as far as possible.  These may be classified as budget due to the reduced amount of amenities onboard, or perhaps they only offer short haul cruises for fewer nights.

Be sure to check the itineraries available too. Certain ones provide low per-night prices with a higher ratio of time at sea compared with in the various ports along the way.

Cruise ship at St Thomas

“Explorer of the Seas” of Royal Caribbean at St Thomas ©roger4336/Flickr

Travelling out of season is another way to save a few bob. If you have your eye on a particular destination but don’t want to pay over the odds, check how much the cruises cost off-peak – you’ll be surprised how much a difference it makes.

Search for the cheapest cruise deals online today and enjoy your time at sea without causing pain to your bank balance.

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