Scottish souvenir ideas


Returning from your holiday is always a sad moment, especially if you had some wonderful days at the respective destination. Buying some souvenirs will make it easier, and then these will also make great gifts for the family members and friends. If you plan a visit to Scotland, this is the perfect source of information for you. Below, there will be presented the best Scottish souvenir ideas. Read on to find out which objects are the best symbols and souvenirs in Scotland. Whether you choose a bagpipe, a bottle of whisky, a golf ball or a cashmere sweater, these will surely be the ideal gifts for anyone. There are dozens of souvenir shops in Scotland, so don’t worry, you will find the perfect souvenirs and gifts easily in any town of the country.


As we all know, bagpipes are one of the best-known traditional symbols of Scotland. This musical instrument plays an important role in every Scottish event, festival or celebration. If you hear the unique sound of a bagpipe, you will instantly associate it with the country. Buying a bagpipe as a souvenir is not as usual as buying a postcard. These are big and heavy instruments, not to mention the price of them. A great idea is to buy a child-sized instrument which also produces fantastic sounds. These little bagpipes will be easier to carry and will cost less.



Scottish whisky

Whisky is also named Scotch in Scotland, as this drink was invented by Scots. A distillery tour is a remarkable occasion to find out how whisky is produced and to purchase a bottle or two for the whisky-lovers from your family or friends. There are also numerous shops where you can buy this drink. It may be a little hard to decide which brand to choose if you are not an “expert”. Taste some of the brands during a distillery tour or ask the person you would like to buy whisky which is his favorite. Teaninich, Cragganmore, Auchroisk or Glenkinchie are just some of the famous Scottish whisky brands.

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Scottish woolens

The woolen industry in Scotland is very developed and varied. It is not surprising, as the temperature is usually low in the country. Manufacturing lambswool and cashmere is a tradition in Scotland. The final products make gorgeous Scottish souvenirs. Whether you buy a pair of gloves, a sweater, a scarf, kilts or socks, the person you give them to, will surely be very happy to have them. Hand-made clothes make spectacular gifts, but these may be too expensive. As we all know, patterns and the colors of green, red and dark blue are traditional for Scottish clothes. If you just think of the well-known kilt, you imagine the combination of these colors. I guarantee you surely can’t go wrong with this type of souvenir.

Golf souvenirs

Just like the whisky, golf was also invented by Scots. Several towns and golf spots are full of stores where you can buy different objects relating to this sport. You can choose from dozens of souvenirs: golf balls, golf clubs, golf hats, ball markers and so on. Of course, if you like to play golf, Scotland is the perfect place for it. There are many golf courses and clubs where you can practice this elite sport. It may not be cheap, but it is surely a remarkable experience.

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