Snowdonia, one of the UK’s most beautiful natural jewels


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Snowdonia can be found in the northern part of Wales. It is considered one of the most beautiful regions of the United Kingdom. It occupies a surface of about 2.100 km2. Snowdonia was the first national park in Wales. It has been a protected area since 1951. This magnificent region is a major visitor attraction of Wales and the entire United Kingdom. The name of the region derives from the highest mount of Wales, Snowdon which is 1.085 m tall. Snowdonia has about 2.300 km of public footpaths, being very popular among mountaineers. Snowdonia is with no doubt one of the UK’s most beautiful natural jewels.

The national park

As I already mentioned it, Snowdonia has been a national park since 1951. The park lies on the surfaces of two counties: Gwynedd and Conwy. It is considered the first of the three national parks of Wales. The national park is the third most visited protected area in Wales and in England, attracting more than six million people yearly. The park is inhabited, being home to over 20.000 people. Like some other national parks in Britain, Snowdonia includes both public and private lands. It is considered unusual in other countries where the national parks include only public lands.


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Natural attractions

There are four composing areas in the park. The northernmost includes Snowdon Massif and it is considered the most popular one among visitors. It includes the highest peak of the park and of Wales, Snowdon. With 1.085 m, it is extremely popular among climbers and hikers. Snowdon is considered the “busiest mount” of Britain. Due to its rare flora and fauna, Snowdon is an astonishing national nature reserve and attracts a large number of visitors yearly. Visitors an easily reach the peak thanks to the numerous paths which lead to it. As for the flora of the entire park, it is dominated by birch, Welsh Oak, ash and even coniferous forests. There are numerous rare mammals living on the grounds of the park, including polecats and otters among others. Snowdonia is with no doubt a paradise for the lovers of nature.

Snowdon Massif

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The fantastic national park attracts a large number of visitors every year. The area, especially Snowdon Massif is extremely popular among hikers, climbers and mountain walkers. Due to the rare species of birds which can be found in the park, it is also a paradise for birdwatchers. Nature-lovers will also surely enjoy the visit. This astonishing park is with no doubt one of the most beautiful natural jewels of the United Kingdom. I suggest you not to miss it.

Snowdonia walking paths

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