Spend your holiday at Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay JamesZ_Flickr/Flickr

Swansea Bay ©JamesZ_Flickr/Flickr

Situated on the Bristol Channel, more precisely on the Gower Peninsula, the astonishing Swansea Bay is a popular tourist destination. The cities located in the bay are the following: Swansea, Mumbles and Port Talbot. The bay is famous for owning the world’s largest tidal ranges. Swansea Bay is a popular holiday destination for both UK citizens and foreign tourists. There are some great beaches along the bay, including Swansea Beach, Aberavon Beach, Jersey Marine Beach and Baglan Bay among others. All of them have something to offer its visitors. If you are planning a journey to Wales and you are searching for a great seaside destination, I suggest you to spend your holiday at Swansea Bay. You surely won’t regret it. 

Swansea Beach

Stretching for 5 miles along the bay, the gorgeous Swansea Beach is very popular among visitors. A long promenade and a coastal road run along the beach. Tourism has been developed significantly in the last years, but the bay has been popular since the Victorian times. Characterized by golden sand, the beach makes a perfect destination for anyone. Families traveling with small children can also opt for this fantastic beach, as there are children’s play areas here, more precisely at Blackpill.  

Swansea beach Mags D/Flickr

Swansea beach ©Mags D/Flickr

Aberavon Beach

The gorgeous Aberavon Beach stretches for 3 miles and it is characterized by fine sand. As the area is famous for its high breaker waves, the beach is very popular among the lovers of surfing. In 2007 the beach was even awarded Blue Flag beach. One of the highlights of the area is the Kite Trail sculpture which stands at Aberavon seafront. It is considered the largest sculpture in Wales with its 12 meters height and 11 tones of weight.  

Aberavon Beach alexliivet/Flickr

Aberavon Beach ©alexliivet/Flickr

Jersey Marine Beach

The Jersey Marine Beach is backed by sand dunes. It is a very peaceful beach on the Swansea Bay, as the access is limited. There is only one access by road – the Fabian Way. In the north-eastern part of the beach can be found the golf course which belongs to the Swansea Bay Golf Club. In both eastern and western ends of the beach there are industrial sites. In case you are looking for a quite and peaceful beach, this one is the right choice.

Swansea Bay JamesZ_Flickr/Flickr

Swansea Bay ©JamesZ_Flickr/Flickr

Baglan Bay

Baglan Bay is dedicated for those looking for those interested in industrial sites. The highlight of the bay is the Baglan Energy Park. It is an awarded energy park (for best practice in regeneration).  



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