Summer shopping paradises in the UK

photo by Lilita Mitrofanova

No one can deny that the UK is not a shopping paradise – you can hardly take a trip to the UK’s big cities without being tempted into spending some money by some big department store or a quaint little shop. But if you’re planning a major shopping trip, then you should definitely be aware of where you can find the biggest concentration of shops and stores – shopping paradises, in other words. So if you want to make sure that you return home from your trip loaded with shopping bags, here are some of the best summer shopping paradises in the UK.

Bath, Somerset

Bath is not only a great spa city, but also a good place to go for some ‘retail therapy’. There are many shops in Bath, from frilly little shops to sprawling, modern department stores, with some great restaurants and coffee shops in between. You can find vintage shops tucked away on narrow streets, antique shops, bookstores and many other specialty shops.

Glasgow, Scotland

All of Glasgow is very friendly towards shoppers (it’s considered to¬† be the biggest shopping center in Europe after London), but there are specific areas of the city that can be declared to be true shopping paradises. Simply walking the streets can lead your to some retail gold mines (particularly in Argyle street, Buchanan street and Sauchiehall street), and even if you don’t want to spend to much, you can window shop for hours on end.

Birmingham, West Midlands

London has more shops than any other city in the UK, but the inhabitants spend more money shopping than in any other city in the country. This is a clear indication that Birmingham is nothing less than the perfect summer shopping paradise in the UK, at least. Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Debenhams are only a few of the sprawling, futuristic department stores in the city.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is not only full of interesting shops, but it is also on of the best looking shopping destinations you could wish for. The neat, elegant streets of the city are a pleasure to wander, and the shops definitely don’t disappoint. Famous designers like Prada, Vuitton or Stella McCartney have shops in Edinburgh, but there are more than enough small boutiques too.


It’s not surprising in the least that the absolute best shopping paradise in the UK is London, the capital, a place that fashionistas from around the world lust after. London has more shops than any other city in the UK, and they are on par with the most elegant stores in Paris or Milan. There’s positively nothing that you can’t find in London is you know where to look for it.

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