Taste the best traditional dishes in Wales

Glamorgan sausage en.wikipedia.org

Glamorgan sausage ©en.wikipedia.org

Are you planning a journey to Wales? It will surely be a fantastic holiday. There are numerous outstanding visitor attractions here, ranging from historic cities to cultural attractions and natural wonders. If you also love to taste traditional dishes on your holiday, the Welsh cuisine will surely amaze you. Beef and lamb are among the major meats used for preparing the Welsh dishes. Potato and leek are also very popular in Wales.

Some of the most common traditional dishes are the following: Tatws Pum Munud, Cawl, Faggots, Glamorgan sausage, Laverbread, Leek soup and so on. Read on to find out more about these. Then, after you arrived to this magnificent country, taste the best traditional dishes in Wales.

Tatws Pum Munud

Tatws Pum Munud means “Five-minute potatoes” in English. It is a Welsh stew of which ingredients are the following: potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, smoked bacon and stock. Unlike other kinds of stew, the Tatws Pum Munud’s ingredients are cut into slices, being cooked in a frying pan. This meal is usually served with crusty bread.


Another traditional Welsh stew is the cawl, but the word actually refers to a soup. It is considered as a national dish of the country. The main ingredients are the following: potatoes, beef or bacon, carrots, swedes and other vegetables. You can find this delicious meal at any restaurant. If you want to taste a typically Welsh dish, you surely can’t go wrong with a bowl of cawl.


The traditional Welsh meatballs, the faggots are usually made of liver, pig’s heart, belly meat or bacon. These are minced, wrapped in bacon and spiced with different herbs. The faggots are usually served with mashed potato and peas. If you would like to taste this dish, go to a local butchers’ shop or a market.

Faggots and gravy en.wikipedia.org

Faggots and gravy ©en.wikipedia.org

Glamorgan sausage

If you are a vegetarian, Glamorgan sausage is the best choice for you. The ingredients of this meal are: cheese, leeks, eggs and breadcrumbs. These are minced and formed in the shape of a sausage. The traditional recipe used Glamorgan cheese (of which the sausage got its name), but today it isn’t available, so Caerphilly cheese is used instead of it.

Glamorgan sausage en.wikipedia.org

Glamorgan sausage ©en.wikipedia.org


Named Bara Lawr in Welsh, laverbread is a seaweed delicacy. Seaweed must be boiled for a couple of hours, than minced. The resulting paste is rolled than in oatmeal. Laverbread is usually eaten for breakfast, served with bacon. It is largely popular in Wales. I suggest you not to miss it either.

Laverbread for sale Sarah and Iain/Flickr

Laverbread for sale ©Sarah and Iain/Flickr

Leek soup

As one of the traditional soups, leek soup is a very delicious dish. The main ingredients are the following: leeks, potatoes, (usually) chicken and heavy cream. You will find this delicious soup in many restaurants all around Wales. If you love leeks, you can not miss it.


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