The Alton Towers theme park

Alton Towers ride Britrob/Flickr

Alton Towers ride ©Britrob/Flickr

Situated in Staffordshire, the fascinating Alton Towers theme park is one of the top visitor attractions of the region. The theme park is extremely popular in the UK, attracting over 2.7 million of visitors in 2011 which made it the most visited of its kind in the entire country. The maximum capacity of the park is 28.000 of visitors per day. It is divided into 13 themed areas which are exciting and extremely popular for families, especially for children.

Besides, there is a resort on the grounds of the park, too. It is the Alton Towers Hotel, not to mention the fantastic waterpark. In case you are traveling with children or you will spend your holiday in the surrounding area, you have to visit this astonishing theme park! It will be great fun!


Of course, the major attractions of the Alton Towers theme park are its innumerable rides. The children love them! And so do the adults, too. As I already mentioned it, the Alton Towers theme park includes 13 exciting themed areas which are the following: Mutiny Bay, Towers Street, X-Sector, Katanga Canyon, Dark Forest, Storybook Land, Gloomy Wood, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Forbidden Valley, Old MacDonald´s Farm, Adventure Land, The Gardens and The Towers.

There are numerous fantastic rides, including thrill rides, young fun, laughs and frights. Some of the most popular rides are the following: The Sanctuary, The Blade, Oblivion, Nemesis, Ripsaw, Air and so on. All of them are great fun! 

Alton Towers ride Britrob/Flickr

Alton Towers ride ©Britrob/Flickr

The waterpark

A great attraction of the Alton Towers theme park is its waterpark. If you or your children love water fun, this waterpark is a must for you! It offers activities for all ages. It boasts in hundreds of fascinating water features, including crazy cannons, lazy rivers and others. The highlight of the park is the extremely speed Master Blaster which is a water rollercoaster. Visit the waterpark and make a memorable experience.

Nemesis, Alton Towers Roller Coaster Philosophy/Flickr

Nemesis, Alton Towers ©Roller Coaster Philosophy/Flickr

The hotels

In case you don’t want to stay far from the theme park, you can stay at the Alton Towers Hotel. It is a fantastic resort, not a usual one. There are dozens of quirky features in the hotel and numerous rooms are themed ones. Among the facilities of the hotel are fantastic spa services. The themed rooms are very popular among tourists. In case you want to make an unforgettable holiday, I suggest you to make a reservation at the Alton Towers Hotel. You won’t regret it. 

Tourist information

The fantastic Alton Towers theme park is open from the 16th of March until the 10th of November. The opening hours vary depending on season and public holidays. For further information you can check their website. The prices are the following: £46.20 for adults, £37.80 for children, £39.60 per person in case you arrive with the family, £23.10 for seniors and £46.20 for disabled persons. (May 2013)

Kids having fun at Alton Towers Roller Coaster Philosophy/Flickr

Kids having fun at Alton Towers ©Roller Coaster Philosophy/Flickr

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