The best alternative tours in the UK

Street art in London, photo by Lodon Attractions Guide

If you don’t fancy traveling alone in the UK, there are countless tours that will take to to places that might interest you, and which will allow you to travel in the company of like minded people. There are lots of advantages to going on a tour, but one of the downsides is that you don’t really get to choose where exactly you’re going and what exactly you’re going to see. And if traditional tours that take you around a particular region and show you some manors and museums at best sound too boring for you, then you should go on the alternative way. There are more than enough tours around the UK that defy the ‘traditional’ tour recipe – so here are some of the best alternative tours in the UK.

Insider London

London has some very obvious tourist attractions that you can’t miss even if you tried. If you don’t feel like you need a tour that will show you the London Eye or the British Museum, Insider London will take you to some places that are much more under the radar. Insider London offers to show you the less visible parts of the city through street art tours, underground tours, or tours of quirky places.

Cotswolds Pub Tour

The gently rolling hills and picturesque villages of the Cotswolds are worth a visit, but if you have already seen the conventional side of the region, you shouldn’t miss out on a tour of the pubs in the area. The Cotswolds pubs are every bit as refreshing and scenic as the countryside, and they also have great ales.

Dolaucothi Roman Gold Mines, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Dolaucothi mines have been used since Roman times, and the mine-turned-museum has displays on mine conditions in ancient times, Victorian times and the 1930’s. You can see and hear 1930’s mining machinery, and you can even try your hand at gold panning, with the requisite frustrations of the work.

Brighton Sewer Tour

photo by Dominic Alves

Brighton is a great seaside resort, but not all the attractions of the city are located above the ground. Believe it or not, even the sewers of Brighton qualify as tourist attractions – a nice change from their original purpose of Victorian marvels of engineering destined to keep clean an overpopulated city.

Historic Toilet Tour, York

Yorkwalk tour operator has a nice bunch of very interesting tours in York, but the historic toilet tour has got to be the most unusual, and definitely one of the best alternative tours in the UK. The tour will take you to various historical sites and will give you a funny and accurate overview of Roman latrines, Anglo-Saxon cesspits, medieval ‘garderobes’ and drains and a comprehensive examination of Victorian facilities.

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