The best attractions in South East England

New Forest

South East England, the area around London, is probably the most visited place in the United Kingdom. People flock to South East England not only because of the proximity of the UK capital city – the region has many things to recommend it without even taking a glance at London. As the most populated area of the UK, the south-east has lots of historical towns and cities, and the landscape is also varied and perfect for walks or hikes. Each county in the south-east region has its own particularities and sights, but here are some of the best attractions in South East England.


photo by Bryan Conlon

The Cotswolds are magnificent rolling hills that stretch mainly over Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, and they are nicknamed the Heart of England. In many parts of the world, the Cotswolds are considered to the the archetypal image of the British countryside. There are lots of little towns in Cotswolds, many of them littered with quaint little cottages, many of which are holiday homes for wealthy Londoners.

New Forest, Hampshire

The somehwat misleadingly named New Forest (it is not exactly new, seeing as it was established sometimes in the 12th century), and it is not a forest in the proper sense of the word, rather than an area of mixed heathland and forest patches. New Forest is a popular tourist destination, not only because of its scenery, but also thanks to the hundreds of wild ponies roaming freely through the region.

Hastings, East Sussex

Hastings is famous for the Battle of Hastings in 1066, when the Norman’s led by William the Conqueror defeated the army of King Harold. The medieval town turned into a very nice Victorian seaside resort town. The city is quite large, but its main attraction is the medieval Old Town with its narrow alleys and little shops. The seafront part of the town retains a Victorian character, with squares and piers and beautiful buildings.

White Cliffs of Dover, Dover, Kent

The impressive, blindingly white Cliffs of Dover can be seen from across the Main Channel in France, but they are much more interesting to look at up close. The cliffs have great symbolic significance for the UK, especially since in the past they were both the first and the last sight that greeted travelers, as well as one of the best attractions in South East England.

Windsor and Eton, Berkshire

The twin towns of Windsor and Eton are known primarily for two things: the Windsor Castle, an official royal castle and the oldest (and largest) occupied castle in the world. Eton is famous for its school, Eton College, a famous all-boys school where many of the country’s most famous people studied. There are many historical attractions in the charming twin cities, and in the area around them.

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