The best beaches in the UK

Blackpool beach

If you’re British, then you probably can’t wait for summer so you can go off to sunnier, warmer places. But if you’re living outside the UK, the cool British summers probably hold enough attraction for you, and a holiday on the coast of the UK is not devoid of charm any way you look at it. Contrary to what one might think, summer in the UK is not all rainy and foggy, quite the opposite. Mild weather, clear skies and gentle sea breeze are pretty much the norm on many of the best beaches in the UK. So if you want a taste of summer in the United Kingdom, here are some of the places you could check out.

Blackpool Beach, Lancashire

Blackpool not only has miles and miles of beautiful sandy beach, but also countless rides – it’s basically a theme park and a beach two in one. Out of the many attractions, one of the best places is Beaver Creek Children’s Theme Park, especially if you are traveling with your children. From kite shows, Punch and Judy plays and donkey rides to lounging in the beach, there’s a little something for everyone here.

West Wittering, Sussex

Although in summer, West Wittering tends to be rather crowded, it somehow still manages to have a peaceful, almost quiet atmosphere. Not even the hundreds of people who visit it every day in the summer can’t ruin the unspoiled beauty of West Wittering beach. It can satisfy even the most picky nature lover, as well as those who like their barbecue on the beach.

Croyde Bay, Devon

Croyde Bay is famous for being one of the best surfing sports in the south-western parts of the UK. Although the beach doesn’t lack any natural beauty, it’s best suited for surfers, as the steep waves can sometimes seem a bit too much for regular swimmers. If you want to learn to surf, though, Croyde Bay is a great place for it, since there’s a surfing school right on the beach (surrounded by several beach bars).

Three Cliffs Bay, South Wales

photo by Bontgoch

This superb and secluded beach is one of the strongest contenders for the title of the best beach in the UK.   There is a camping site near the beach, so this spot if perfect for those who want to leave the crowds behind for a while. Except for good old fashioned beach activities (swimming, sunbathing), you can also explore the surrounding countryside.

Barafundle, Pembrokeshire

On very sunny and very hot days, Barafundle beach strikingly seems like a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. The sand at Barafundle is especially fine, the water is clean and the setting just perfect for a beach holiday. The water is quite shallow near the shore, so even those who can’t swim well can have their share of fun splashing around.

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