The best budget accommodation in Birmingham

Birmingham, photo by metacheetr

As Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham definitely has something for everyone. The British industrial revolution reached its highest peak in Birmingham, which made it a very rich city, and not even after most of the city center was bombed into dust during WWII, Birmingham didn’t falter. The city is a center for the arts, industry, shopping and education, and its attractions are too many to count. Even as a budget traveler, you’ll never find yourself without something to do in Birmingham. But if you want to save more money for attractions and nightlife, you should check out some of the best budget accommodation in Birmingham – this city has some of the cheapest and most comfortable hostels in the UK!

Birmingham Central Backpackers, Coventry Street

If you’re young and eager to meet fellow travelers, then Birmingham Central Backpackers is one of the best places you could choose. This is an independent hostel, very relaxed, and located close to the Bull Ring shopping center as well as the bustling nightclubs of Digbeth. If you book early, you can find beds in shared rooms for as little as £10. If you want to stay in for the night, you can take part in quiz nights, movie nights or beer tastings.

Hatters Birmingham, Livery Street

photo by the West Midlands Police on Flickr

One of the greatest advantages of Hatters Birmingham is its location – splat in the middle of Jewellery Quarter, in the vibrant center of Birmingham, and close to shops, attractions and nightlife venues. The accommodation is top quality, with en suite rooms, large and comfortable common areas, and a well equipped kitchen where you can actually cook your own meals. There’s a free breakfast included in the price.

Ibis Birmingham City Centre, Ladywell Walk

The only thing that anyone can complain about when it comes to Ibis Birmingham City Center is that is can be quite noisy. Not because the guests are in the habit of throwing parties, but because the hotel is right next to some of the loudest nightclubs in the city. Depending on what you want to do in Birmingham, this can be a blessing or a curse that can be ignored with a pair of earplugs. But if you plan on dancing the night away, by the time you get back the noise of the clubs will have died down too.

Nitenite, Holliday Street

The Bull Ring, photo by Brian Norman

Nitenite is a very small but very comfortable budget boutique hotel, in a very good location in Birmingham’s city center. The rooms are quite small, but very well furnished and rather stylish too.  You get a TV as big as your bed, free wi-fi, and the staff are very accommodating and helpful.

The Lodge Hotel, York Road

The Lodge Hotel is very close to the Bull Ring, and within easy reach of public transport, and located in a well lit and quiet area. The staff are very welcoming, and the rooms are clean and comfortable, if not exactly homey. However, the complimentary coffee and hot chocolate will make the stark decor seem more inviting.



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