The best camping spots in the UK


The United Kingdom has an image of distinction, of tea parties and civilized conversation, and perhaps the occasional walk in a nicely organized park. However, there’s another facet of the UK, a wild side that you can get easily acquainted with if you step outside the city and explore the countryside. No, we’re not referring to the picturesque English countryside with its neat cottages, but the wilderness, the open plains and slopes and forests. Camping is the best way to explore all this, especially now that summer is coming. Here are the best camping spots in the UK.

Snowdonia, Wales

Wales is a very pleasant place, despite the inside and outside jokes about it. Once you get to see Snowdonia, you won’t want to leave anytime soon. This amazing national park has everything that a camper could wish for: majestic snow-capped mountains, gentle hills, crystal clear lakes and even several historical attractions. Although other means of transport are available, just walking and hiking in Snowdonia is the best experience for a camper.

East Sussex

East Sussex, in the south-eastern part of the island, has several great seaside resorts (Brighton, for example), but the sea and the beaches are not the only beautiful natural sights there. Walking and cycling around East Sussex can offer you some amazing views, and it’s a pity to not take advantage of the surroundings for a camping experience too.


Scotland is full of national scenic areas, there are 40 of them, to be more precise. Scotland’s famous hills covered in heather and craggy mountains are the perfect camping spot for the more adventurous campers, who don’t mind some chill and wetness in exchange for some utterly breath-taking landscapes. Camp next to a Scottish loch and keep an eye out for Nessie’s cousins!

Lake District

As you probably know, the Lake District is one of the most famously beautiful regions in the UK, and a great destination for those who are interested in hiking or walking. So instead of lodging at a B&B or a cottage, why not try to get closer to nature and choose  a camping site instead? Waking up to the wild beauty of the Lake District in the morning is a truly unforgettable experience.

Isle of Wight

Don’t want to run into any other campers, or maybe just the bare minimum? The Isle of Wight has several campsites that are as remote as possible. Enjoy the peace and quiet of this island-county, listen to its dreary legends (the locals you meet might know some), and enjoy the beauty of Alum Bay, Shanklin Chine, the Needles and other natural sights – so it’s definitely of the best camping spots in the UK.

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