The best city breaks in the UK


If you want to take a quick trip to the UK just for a change of rhythm, some shopping, or some fun times in an interesting place, then there are quite a few destinations that you might fit the bill. Cities in the UK have a knack for saving you from boredom and monotony, even if you don’t really have any definite plans for your stay. In some of these cities, taking a break means jumping right into the bustling heart of urban life, with its clubs, cafes and restaurants, but also museums, galleries and theaters. So if you are planning a short getaway to the British Isles, here are some destinations for the best city breaks in the UK.


Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture in 2008, so it’s pretty obvious that what’s awaiting you in this lovely city in Lancashire is rife with every sort of cultural activity imaginable. In addition to a nice collection of historical landmarks, Liverpool also has the largest national museum collection outside of London. Visit the oldest Chinatown in Europe, a few museums and then end your day in a Liverpudlian pub.


Manchester is great city for shorter or longer vacations any time of the year, but it is downright perfect for a short break in August. Take advantage of the Manchester Pride festival and enjoy a couple of days of non-stop partying, workshops, gigs and even activities like treasure hunts or cheerleading classes!


photo by Paul Keleher

Bristol is known for its rich maritime history and its numerous and diverse attractions which make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. One of the best things about Bristol is that it’s relatively free of the ‘tourist traps’ that crowd other destinations, and it also has a very lively and bouncy nightlife, with lots of bars, clubs and pubs.


The Welsh capital is simply charming, and it is also a very eclectic mix of old and new. Much of the city is modern, shiny and new, while the historic center takes you back to times long past. Cardiff is a great place for a quick incursion into Welsh history and culture, as well as lounging about in parks, enjoying the still green vegetation.


photo by Stephen McKay

The Northern Irish capital is either loved or hated by its inhabitants, but outsiders tend to unambiguously like this city with stormy past. Belfast has long recovered its bearings, and today it is a historical city with attractions ranging from old, beautiful buildings, museums and parks, but small and cozy pubs and hidden sights. Although less touristy then other large cities, this is the place for one of the best city breaks in the UK.

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