The best clubbing spots in London

Fabric, photo by fabbio on Flickr

In many respects, London is the perfect holiday destination by definition. There are more historical and cultural attractions in the UK capital than in many other more popular holiday destinations, and in addition to that, there’s also London’s fame as a huge shopping and fashion paradise. But when it comes to nightlife, London is beyond the wildest dreams of even the most passionate clubbers. Spend your day sightseeing, have a nice cup of tea in the afternoon and a pint in the evening, but you’d be missing out on a lot of what makes London what it is if you don’t give the clubbing scene a chance. So here are some of the best clubbing spots in London.

Cable, Bermondsey Street Tunnel

Some London’s popular clubs can be a bit rugged and not exactly what you’d call spic and span, but Cable manages to be both laid back and have working toilets. The club is not overly large (two rooms), but it has a large smoking terrace (for those smokers who find themselves ‘banned’ from most of UK’s locales), and has excellent live acts on weekends.

Plastic People, Curtain Road

Plastic People is another smallish club, but one of the best small clubs you’ll ever see in your life. This club has no frills and accommodates less than 200 people, it is dark and has a great sound system – in other words, it has the perfect atmosphere for dubstep, funk and bass music. It’s also a great place to discover new and up and coming acts.

Fabric, Charterhouse Street

For over a decade, Fabric has been one of the rulers of London’s clubbing scene, and despite its ups and downs, it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. This is the place to go for the freshest and edgiest electro music, and hardcore clubbers should check out their On and On parties (the club opens at 10 pm on Saturday and runs continuously until 6 am on Monday).

Paramount Bar, New Oxford Street

If you like your clubs sleek and stylish and overly luxurious, then Paramount Bar can take care of that. This upmarket club located on the 31st floor, with a magnificent view over the city, is among the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury clubbing, and while the mood is usually great (especially at events), the cocktails will definitely put a strain on your wallet.

Heaven, Villiers Street

This gay club on Villiers Street is unquestionably one of the best clubbing spots in London, attracting a mixed crowd of gay and straight people. It has two huge dance floors, as well as a series of interconnected lounge rooms where you can take a breather when you’re tired of dancing.

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