The best cultural city breaks in the UK

The London Eye

London Eye ©Nihat Karakum/Flickr

The United Kingdom is a perfect destination when it comes to cultural vacations. There are hundreds of unique and famous cultural landmarks and tourist attractions. The major cities of the country are among the most attractive and most famous tourist destinations. London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Cardiff are just five of the most visited and most beautiful cities of the UK. Whether you are planning to visit England, Scotland or Wales, you will find excellent cities here. In case you are interested in the best cultural city breaks in the UK, I recommend you to read the following guide. Then choose the perfect destination for your preference.


Obviously the most attractive city of the United Kingdom is the capital city, London. It is a top destination for city break in the entire world. The city is most famous for its astonishing and unique cultural attractions and landmarks. There are innumerable cultural sights to visit in London, including the Westminster Abbey, London Eye, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, numerous museums and art galleries and so on.

The London Eye

London Eye ©Nihat Karakum/Flickr


Another excellent city to visit in the UK is Manchester. This great destination attracts innumerable visitors each year. The most famous cultural sights and landmarks of the city are the following: Manchester Cathedral, Old Trafford Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Museum, Manchester Town Hall, the Wheel of Manchester and so on.


A major commercial and cultural centre of the UK is the amazing city of Birmingham. Just like the previously mentioned cities, Birmingham is also home to numerous cultural sights, including museums, galleries, theatres and architectural landmarks. St. Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and Birmingham Town Hall are just some of the most famous cultural landmarks of the city.

Birmingham City Hall Row 17/Flickr

Birmingham City Hall ©Row 17/Flickr


The amazing Scottish capital city, Edinburgh is a unique place to visit if you are looking for a great city break. The beautiful city is abundant in cultural landmarks, including Edinburgh Castle, the University of Edinburgh, St. Giles’ Cathedral, the National Gallery of Scotland, the Museum of Edinburgh, King’s Theatre, Holyrood Palace, the Scottish Parliament Building and so on. The city is surely a great destination for a cultural city break.

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh maxcosworth/Flickr

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh ©maxcosworth/Flickr


Are you planning to visit Wales or more precisely Cardiff? Cardiff city centre is an astonishing area of the city. It is abundant in cultural sights, famous streets and parks. Cardiff City Hall, Cardiff University, the National Museum and Gallery of Wales, Cardiff Castle and LLandaff Cathedral are among the most visited cultural sights of the city.

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