The best entertainment venues in Birmingham

photo by Bob Hall

If you still believe the old stereotype that the Brits have stiff upper lips, Birmingham is the kind of place that will change your mind. There are few other cities in the UK where you can have more fun than in Birmingham, day in and day out. The days when Birmingham was considered a boring and dreary city are long over, and today it can very well compete for the title of the UK’s entertainment capital. Whatever you like to do in your free time, you will find some place in Birmingham where you can do just that are more. Visit this vibrant and friendly city, and enjoy some time off at the best entertainment venues in Birmingham.

Electric Cinema, Station Street

Electric Cinema is not your regular movie theater – this is actually the oldest working cinema in the UK. The theater is very small, but it has some of the most comfortable red plush seat ever created, as well as cozy two-seater sofas. If you’re used to munching on popcorn and sipping ordinary soda while watching movies, at the Electric Cinema you get much more than that: you can order champagne or food that will be brought to your seat. Enjoy a selection of intelligent mainstream and arthouse movies at this great movie theater.

Gin Parlour, Steelhouse Lane

photo by metacheetr on Flickr

Ever wondered what it was like to be a gentleman in Victorian London and laze all day at an exclusive club, enjoying food and drink, having classy conversations and reading the newspaper? You can approximate this experience at the Gin Parlour, The sophistication of a bygone era is recreated perfectly, but with a menu fit for the 21st century. You can take part in a cocktail masterclass as well, watch a burlesque show, or classic  movies.

Hippodrome, Hurst Street

If you’re a fan of musicals, then you will love a night out at the famous Hippodrome, the premier venue in Birmingham for musical extravaganzas. Watch a popular show like Mary Poppins or My Fair Lady, ballet performances (the Hippodrome is home to the Birmingham Royal Ballet), or book a theater package that includes a show and fine dining and the Hippodrome’s restaurant.

Glee Club, Arcadian Center

photo by West Midlands Police on Flickr

If your funny bone needs some tickling, then you can have your laughs at this comedy club/ music venue, one of the best entertainment venues in Birmingham. Some of the best comedy shows in the UK, established acts as well as up and coming comedians will make you smile, laugh and chortle gleefully.

Tap and Spile, Gas Street

For an old-fashioned night out head to the Tap and Spile, a dark pub with great ambiance, whose tiny bar has a great selections of ales on tap. The bar has lots of delightful nooks and alcoves where you can sip your drink in peace and chat with friends.


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