The best food festivals in Britain

When the weather in the UK starts to warm up, everyone knows that it’s the beginning of food festival season. Traditional British food is starting to leave behind its reputation of being a bit heavy on calories, and foodies might notice more and more nouvelle cuisine influences even in the oldest recipes of yore. When you want a great day out peppered with the most enticing flavors and aromas of British cuisine, check if there’s a food festival near you. So here are some of the best food festivals in Britain, for those of you who feel like having something tasty.

Oyster Feast, Colchester, Essex

The borough of Colchester has been celebrating this festival since the 14th century, all in the name of tasty oysters and the people who like them. Colne oyster fishery in Cochester is one of the oldest oyster fisheries in the country, dating back to Roman times. The festival is held on the last Friday of each October, and it is attended by locals and people from other cities assembled in Colchester’s moot hall.

Worcester Food and Drink Festival

Every August for a weekend, Worcester becomes a gourmet paradise. The festival is an occasion to display the best produce that the Midlands has to offer, and luckily for veggie lovers, there is free entry for everyone. There will be food stalls with everything from produce to local dishes, so all you have to bring is an empty stomach!

Bath Coffee Festival, Bath

Although the UK is renowned for the tea-drinking habits of its citizens, there are more than enough coffee appreciators around too, otherwise the Bath Coffee Festival would not have had as much success as it did in the past years. The festival showcases all the wonderful alternatives to Starbucks fare. In addition to tastings, you can also learn the difference between robusta and arabica, and lots of interesting things about the coffee bean’s journey into your cup.

Taste of London, London

Taste of London claims to be the greatest restaurant festival in the world, and even if that’s a bit of an exaggeration, fact is that for the duration of the festival, the greatest chefs in London (and there are quite a few of them) move to mobile kitchens in Regent’s Park to cook their signature dishes. On the downside, the event if quite costly, especially if you want a VIP ticket that allows you to observe the masters more closely.

Abergavenny Food Festival, Wales

photo by Kevin Flynn

The market town of Abergavenny becomes the scene for a great food festival in September. Loads of master chefs from all over Britain (and even abroad) are invited to demonstrate their art, while the ordinary foodie can either taste some of the scrumptious displays, as well as pick up some tips from the chefs.

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