The best haunted castles in the UK

Edinburgh Castle Glen Bowman/Flickr

Edinburgh Castle ©Glen Bowman/Flickr

Myths and legends can be very exciting to many people. Some legends or mythical creatures like the Loch Ness Monster can even drag numerous visitors to a certain place (just like the “monster” drags thousands of tourists to the Loch Ness in Scotland for instance). Ghosts are also some mysterious “creatures”. Some say ghosts exist, while others laugh when someone talks about them.

One thing is sure: there are numerous places in the UK which are considered to be haunted. These sites range from castles to churches, from abbeys to libraries, from old hotels to stations and other places. If paranormal things attract you, the following guide is a must-read for you. Below I will present you the best haunted castles in the UK. Maybe you will decide to visit some after you read this article.

Edinburgh Castle

Considered one of the UK’s and even one of the entire world’s most popular haunted places, the astonishing Edinburgh Castle is a major visitor attraction. This castle is not only an architectural jewel of Great Britain, it is also known as a haunted place. If you do not believe in ghosts, you should visit this castle…you will surely change your opinion!

The story of ghosts in the castle goes back in the mid-17th century when people began to see and hear a headless drummer walking in and around the castle. Another ghost of the castle is considered to be the ghost of Lady Glamis who was accused of witchcraft and murdered therefore. In 2001 one of the world’s most complete paranormal investigations has been made here, at Edinburgh Castle. They said the place was a “paranormal hot spot”.  

Edinburgh Castle Glen Bowman/Flickr

Edinburgh Castle ©Glen Bowman/Flickr

Dudley Castle

Another castle known as one of the top haunted places in the UK is Dudley Castle. Situated in the Midlands, the castle is considered to be the home of numerous spirits. Ghosts have been seen here from hundreds of years.

Perhaps the best-known of all ghosts is the Grey Lady (the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont). Her daughter died shortly after she was born and soon after, Dorothy died, too. They say that she can not rest and today her spirit can still be seen in the castle. Another ghost is considered to be of a boy whose voice can be heard at night. There are several ghost hunting events held at the castle. I am sure you would enjoy them.

Chillingham Castle

Appropriately named, the amazing Chillingham Castle is situated in Northern England. it is also considered a haunted castle. Due to the fact that the castle served as a fortress, it has witnessed many bloody scenes. Therefore, they say that numerous ghosts “live” in the castle and can be seen several times. The most prominent of all is a ghost named blue boy which can be seen in the pink room of the castle. John Sage is another creepy spirit of the castle. He is considered to drag bodies here and there. You can visit the castle, the tour lasting about two hours. If you are a brave one, you can stay for the night, too, as they have rooms to let.

Chillingham Castle Purple sea donkey/Flickr

Chillingham Castle ©Purple sea donkey/Flickr

Warwick Castle

The famous Warwick Castle perhaps has witnessed more battles than any other European castle. It is not surprising that the castle is considered to house numerous ghosts. Its ghost tower is considered to be the “focal point” of spirits. Sir Fulke Greville is considered to be one of them. He is seen many times wandering around the castle’s halls. The castle is open for visitors every day, except Christmas. You shouldn’t miss the visit.

Warwick Castle Peter Broster/Flickr

Warwick Castle ©Peter Broster/Flickr

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