The best hiking destinations in the UK

The Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, photo by Jason Rogers

The UK’s countryside might look like a poster for domestic bliss and healthy walks, but there’s a space left on the British Isles for those travelers too who like to sweat a bit on their way to some far off corner of nature where you can kick back and disconnect from civilization. The highest peak in the UK might not compare to the likes of Himalaya, but there’s a fair bit of hiking to be done, from strenuous climbs to trails that even a newbie can tackle. So if you’re a hiking addict who’s happening to visit the UK, you won’t be at loss of what to do. Here are some of the best hiking destinations in the UK.

Malhamdale, Yorkshire

Malham Cove, photo by Paul Allison

Malhamdale is an area of outstanding natural beauty located in the Dales of Yorkshire, and a great place for an easy hike that anyone can try. The main draw of Malham is Malham Cove, a stunning amphitheater of white limestone, three hundred feet high and accessible through a broad path. At the top of the Cove you’ll find the Limestone Pavement, a strange flat rock with deep fissures that became a habitat for unusual plants.

Rothbury Hike, Rothbury, Northumberland

Rothbury is a scenic village in North, and it is the starting point of a five mile hike that will take you around the village and back. Although this is not a challenging hike, there are a couple of sections that can be a bit difficult. The climb is steady until Westhill, where you can see the remains of Stone Age settlements, but there’s a difficult patch until Physic Lane.

Ben Nevis, Scotland

Ben Nevis, photo by Bruce Cowan

Ben Nevis is the highest peak in the UK, but not too high to stop hikers of any level to attempt to reach the top. Climb on the western side of the mountain and it’ll be like hiking up a big hill, but the northern slope is rocky and much more challenging. Whichever path you take, the view from the top is stunning.

The Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

A hike on the Lizard Peninsula will take you to places with strange names like the Lion’s Den, the Devil’s Frying Pan or the Manacles Rocks, which don’t sound very appealing but are actually pretty amazing. This 8 hour hike is varied and scenic, and although at times it is a bit odd, it won’t bore you for a second.

Copper Snout Hike, Alwinton, Nothumberland

Copper Snout, photo by Kenneth Ross

The pretty and tiny village of Alwinton is the starting point of one of the best hikes in the UK, that will take you through some of the most beautiful portions of Northumberland National Park, up to the top of Copper Snout. The hike is eight mile long, so it takes several hours, but the scenery is breathtaking.


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