The best Indian restaurants in London

If you’ve gone to London with dreams of Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding and scones with jam and cream, I’m sure you’ve found plenty of that, but you have to know a secret about the diet of Londoners: they eat more Indian food than traditional dishes. Actually, according to some surveys, the most popular food in Britain is curry. Tikka masala follows closely behind, as do other ethnic, and mainly Indian specialties.  So Indian restaurants are thriving in the UK, and especially in the busy capital city of London, where people love their multicultural food. So if you visit London, act like a Londoner and try one of the best Indian restaurants in London.

Amaya, Motcomb Street

If you can only eat your food in a swanky setting, then you should head to Amaya, an eyecandy of a restaurant that manages to pull off being both extremely elegant and comfortable. The soft lighting and rich reddish tones of the decorations make the food taste even better. Sit back on the Italian leather chairs, gaze at the Bengali sculptures and fill your stomach with flash grilled scallops, tandoori duck and other delicacies.

Chutney Mary, King’s Road

Although Chutney Mary is a fairly old and well established restaurant (it was opened in 1990), their recipes are still fresh and hip. If you like romantic places or if you want to go on a date in London, Chutney Mary is a great place. This restaurant specializes in regional cooking, and in addition to a sizable menu of main dishes and entrees, it has a huge list of amazing deserts.

Quilon, Buckingham Gate

Keralan cuisine is a bit unusual but it’s very easy to all completely in love with it. And in London, there’s no other place that serves better Keralan cuisine than Quilon. Since it’s coastal cuisine that we’re talking about, a good portion of Quilon’s menu is based on seafood. The meat dishes are subtle and alluring, and there’s a nice selection of amazing vegetation dishes like grilled squash and soya bean with banana and sweet potato.

Shikara, Sloane Avenue

Shikara is a great restaurant if you don’t want anything fancy, but you’d still like to enjoy top quality food. The decor is nothing fancy, just simple and tasteful white walls, wooden floors and leather seats, and the food is great. The food is freshly made, mostly northern cuisine and very good value for money.

Veeraswamy, Regent Street

This restaurant dates back to 1926, so it is nothing short of a landmark, but its current incarnation is quite recent. The decor seems to emulate a maharajah’s castle. Despite looking very swanky, the menu is not all about aristocratic foods, much of the selection is inspired by delightful regional street food. The lavish decor and the varied menu makes Veeraswamy one of the best Indian restaurants in London.

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