The best-known landmarks of the United Kingdom

Stonehenge, photo by LitasWorld/Flickr

As it is obvious, every country has its own symbols and landmarks. The United Kingdom is one of the world’s best-known and most visited countries. It is a beautiful country with spectacular history. There are numerous legendary places here with wonderful castles, ancient monuments, historic and impressive cities, magnificent cathedrals and numerous other natural or cultural attractions. If you think of the United Kingdom, you probably think of some of its destinations or landmarks, such as Stonehenge, the Palace of Westminster, London Eye, Hadrian’s Wall or King’s College. Most of the United Kingdom’s stunning landmarks can be found in the capital city, London. Read on to find out which are the best-known landmarks of the United Kingdom.



It is one of the United Kingdom’s best-known landmarks. This spectacular prehistoric monument is the most famous legendary site in the country. It gave birth to several myths and legends. Stonehenge is considered to be 5.000 years old and it is situated in Wiltshire County, on Salisbury Plain. It is believed that the monument served as a burial place. The standing stones of Stonehenge are today on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. This impressive site is one of the best-known sites in the world.

Stonehenge, photo by LitasWorld/Flickr

The Palace of Westminster

I could also present here the Buckingham Palace instead of the Palace of Westminster, because both of them are worldwide famous and spectacular attractions of London. The Palace of Westminster is actually the building of the Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom. Situated on the bank of the River Thames, it is an impressive and large building. On the site of it was built the first royal palace in London. It served as the residence of the kings. The magnificent palace was built in Gothic style. Besides other fantastic buildings, it is one of the best-known and most popular landmarks of London and also of the United Kingdom.

London Eye

This unique attraction of the capital city is a very popular symbol of the country. It is considered the biggest Ferris wheel in the world. It is one of the most modern landmarks of London. This 135 m high structure is situated on the bank of the River Thames. London Eye is very popular among visitors who come here to enjoy the half an hour ride. The structure can carry up to 800 passengers. Opening hours vary during the year. Between January and March it is open daily from 10:00 to 20:30, between April and June: daily from 10:00 to 21:00, between July and August: daily from 10:00 to 21:30 and between September and December: daily from 10:00 to 20:30. It is closed on Christmas Day. The prices also vary: for adults £18.50, for children (between 4 and 14 years old) £9.50 and for children under 4 it is free. (August 2012)

London Eye, photo by kevgibbo/Flickr

Hadrian’s Wall

The wall was built of stone, across Great Britain. It was built about 2.000 years ago and served as a fortification in the Roman Britain. The wall was so massive, that there are still large portions remained. It is a great landmark and spectacular tourist attraction. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is considered Northern England’s most famous tourist attraction. The remained portion of the wall can be followed on feet. There is the so called Hadrian’s Wall Path which is actually a long footpath along the remained portion. It is about 135 km long. Nature-lovers will surely enjoy the spectacular walking tour.

King’s College

Situated in Cambridge, the building is one of the most beautiful landmarks of the United Kingdom. It was built in Gothic style and is the worldwide famous university’s constituent college. There is a beautiful chapel here named King’s chapel of which beautiful choir is very famous. Both the college and the chapel are breathtaking. They attract thousand of visitors every year.

King’s College, photo by yudis_asnar/Flickr

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