The best landmarks of Leicester

Vaughan Porch of Leicester Cathedral, photo by DaveCrosby/Flickr

Being the capital city of the province of Leicestershire, the beautiful city of Leicester is an outstanding tourist destination. The city is traversed by the Soar River which gives makes it even more attractive. The United Kingdom’s tenth largest city has numerous fantastic tourist attractions which make it a must-see of the country. Many of them are also well-known landmarks of Leicester. There are sightseeing buses which take you around the city and let you admire the major part of these attractions. Whether you visit a church, a park, the town hall of any historic building of Leicester, you will surely have a great day. If you would like to find out which are the best landmarks of the city, read on.

Leicester Cathedral

One of the best-known landmarks of the city is the Leicester Cathedral. Also known as the Cathedral Church of St Martin, it is a major tourist attraction. The original church was dedicated to Saint Martin. Later, it was replaced by a new building, with the addition of a spire and was declared a cathedral in 1927. The present look of the building is actually a Victorian restoration. One of the major features of the cathedral is the Vaughan Porch with its gorgeous statues. The porch dates from 1897 and was dedicated to the Vaughans. Other highlights of the cathedral are the three beautiful chapels. The cathedral can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00 and from 7:00 to 17:00 on Sundays. The entrance is free. (November 2012)

Vaughan Porch of Leicester Cathedral, photo by DaveCrosby/Flickr

Leicester Guildhall

Another outstanding building and also landmark of the city is the fantastic timber-framed Guildhall. It used to serve as the town hall. Today, it is a significant tourist attraction of Leicester. Its Great Hall dates from 1390 and the two wings were added over the centuries. Actually, it houses a museum and also serves as a performance venue. It can be also hired for different events, such as weddings. A great Christmas Craft Fair is also held at the Guildhall on the 1st and 2nd of December 2012. The Guildhall can be visited from February to October, from Saturday to Wednesday, from 11:00 until 16:30. (November 2012)

The Jewry Wall and St Nicholas’ Church

The Jewry Wall is another popular landmark of Leicester, such as the St Nicholas’ Church. Both are situated on the same grounds. The Jewry Wall is actually a ruined wall of a building which dates back in the Roman times. The wall is about 23 m long. There is a museum at the Jewry Wall which was named after the famous ruined wall. The St Nicholas’ Church can be found near the Jewry Wall. It is a beautiful church with some fabrics which date back in the 9th century. The bells of the church date from the 17th century and its organ is also very attractive.

Jewry Wall and St Nicholas’ Church, photo by stevecadman/Flickr

Victoria Park

The public park of the city named Victoria Park is very popular not only among local people, but among visitors, too. It includes the War Memorial of Leicester and also provides different facilities for sports, such as basketball, football, tennis and so on. The park also hosts several outdoor events the Caribbean Carnival of the city or the Leicester Pride.

The War Memorial in Victoria Park, photo by stevecadman/Flickr

Abbey Park and Abbey ruins

Another park in Leicester and also a well-known landmark is the Abbey Park which is home to the Leicester Abbey ruins. It is a beautiful public park which is traversed by the River Soar. The park is very popular among local people and visitors at the same time, as it includes a boating lake, tennis courts, numerous gardens, a café and the beautiful ruins of the Leicester Abbey. It dates back in the 12th century and it is very attractive for visitors.

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