The best party spots in Birmingham

photo by metacheetr

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city, the heart of the industrial revolution, a hard working city that has acquired quite a bit of wealth. And since all work and no play tend to make a city and its inhabitants painfully dull, Birmingham has invested a lot in place where people can ‘play’. So in Birmingham, you can find the best shopping areas outside of London, a great cultural life with attractions inside and just outside the city, and an amazing nightlife. So put on your best clothes (Birmingham clubs operate under the rule of “no effort, no entry”) and dive into some of theĀ  best party spots in Birmingham.

The Wellington, Bennets Hill

If what attracts you in a venue is the list of beverages, then the Wellington will be better than your wildest dreams. This bar is so well stocked up on drinks of all kinds, among which a nice selection of ales, lagers, some lovely ciders and much more. The list is put together by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, so you can be sure to get the best. No food on the menu, but you’re allowed to bring your own snacks.

Snobs, Queensway

The local indie student crowd flocks to Snobs, where you can get in without wearing anything fancy (actually, the pub’s site says that Burberry or Hackett wearing people won’t get in), and the drinks are cheap. Most nights there is some kind of theme, but the Big Wednesday is probably the most popular.

Bambu, Wrottesley Street

Bambu, located in Birmingham’s Chinatown, is one of the most exclusive clubs in the city. The decor is unique and very colorful, and the sofas of the club are famously comfortable. Bambu is quite pretentious, and there’s no way around the dress code, which has to be ‘cool’, according to them. The club’s name has been associated with lots of British celebrities like chef Gordon Ramsay or Girls Aloud.

Custard Factory, Lakeside Gibb Street

Birmingham’s Irish district, Digbeth, is home to many interesting pubs and clubs, and the Custard Factory is no exception. The former factory has been turned into a place where you can find delicious organic food as well as great music and a very lively atmosphere, and as far as entertainment goes, it is one of the best party spots in Birmingham,

The Bartons Arms, High Street

The Bartons Arms is a great bar with an amazingly elaborate decor (very good imitation of a Victorian interior), and it’s famous for being one of the former haunts of Ozzy Osbourne. The drinksĀ  menu is huge, and there’s also a sizable list of snacks and delicious Thai food.

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