The best seaside villages in the UK

Whitby, photo by Jennifer Welch

The British coast is a great place to be in summer, especially if you are planning on enjoying yourself in the countryside. And if you want to enjoy it as much as possible, a small seaside village is the best base of exploration you can find. The coast is dotted not only with well to do resort towns, but also inconspicuous yet very picturesque villages where you can always find a friendly bed and breakfast or hotel where you can spend the night. Here are the best seaside villages in the UK, for those who want to spend their holiday on the coast of the UK.

Clovelly, Devon

photo by Oz

Clovelly in North Devon is the perfect retreat for those who want a bit of quiet. There is absolutely no traffic on the cobbled streets, and the village is as picturesque as it can get: it was built into a quest into a 400 ft tall cliff! The whitewashed cottages with lowers in front and the tiny port are a pleasure to explore, and you can spend the night in one of the two lovely hotels in the village.

Mousehole, Cornwall

The quaintly named Mousehole in Cornwall is a scenic fishing village between Penzance and Land’s End. In 1595 the whole village, save for one house, was burned down and that house is still standing. The village used to be a prosperous port town, but nowadays it is quieter, yet still picturesque, filled with little shops and restaurants.

Blakeney, Norfolk

photo by Katy Walters

This village in Northern Norfolk started out as a busy medieval village and while business has been reoriented more towards arts and crafts, the landscape of marshes, sand hills and mud banks is just as fascinating as always. The lovely flint cottages of the village are built on a hill and can be rented by holidaymakers.

Whitby, Yorkshire

Whitby is a lovely village on the coast of North Yorkshire, also called the Jurassic Coast. The village is steeped in history, and its most important landmark, and abbey, was built in the 7th century. Tourism is bustling in Whitby, and there are several B&B’s and guesthouses, historical attractions, and restaurants.

Aberaeron, Wales

photo by Michael Parry

Aberaeron is one of the first planned towns in Wales, founded in the 19th century by a local cleric. About a quarter of the buildings in the village are listed as of special architectural or historical interest. The whole place was planned in such a way that walking around the streets is a real pleasure, making it one of the best seaside villages in the UK.


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